• 18-OCT-2016

Autoline chooses the new Iveco Daily minibuses to expand its fleet for Moscow public transport service


Moscow public transport carrier Autoline selected the Iveco Daily minibuses for the unique combination of passenger comfort and safety, fuel efficiency and low Total Cost of Operation.
Iveco completed the delivery of a large fleet of 491 Daily minibuses to provide public transport service in Moscow.

The new Iveco Daily minibuses in blue livery have been cruising around Moscow metropolitan roads in the city’s residential districts since the beginning of the year. Proved as reliable, comfortable and safe, the vehicles have attracted the interest of many carriers, including one of the country’s market leaders in passenger road transport, "Autoline".

The Iveco Daily minibuses are ideally suited for the weather conditions in Moscow, in addition to being fully compliant with the rules for passenger transport in big cities, as required by the Moscow Transport Department. In the cold winter months, three interior heaters provide a pleasant temperature for passengers. An auxiliary 12 kW water heater for quick engine warm-up ensures that the Daily minibuses start without problems even in the coldest days. The steps of the front entry are heated to prevent icing, so that passengers can step onto the bus safely. For the hot summer months, the buses are equipped with a powerful 13 kW air conditioning system that delivers a steady flow of cool air to keep the passengers comfortable. The buses also cater for people with reduced mobility, with a wheelchair ramp for comfortable access and a designated space for fastening a wheelchair.

The vehicles are equipped with a powerful and exceptionally fuel efficient 3L 146HP diesel Euro-5 engine and 6-speed manual gearbox.

Special attention was given to the passengers’ comfort and safety, with the ESP9 system, reflective line marks at the doorsteps, bright interior lighting, emergency hatches, leakproof antiskid floor and double glazed side windows, all tinted for greater passenger comfort. An electronic panel in the cabin shows the stops on the bus route. Passengers can stay connected with free Wi-Fi.

In addition, the minibuses are fitted with Transtelematika navigation and recording system linked to the ERA-GLONASS terminal. The fire alarm may be activated either manually with a special button or automatically by the fire detector or the internal/external temperature sensors.

“The passengers’ comfort and safety is the priority for us. In addition, we need the vehicles to save fuel and operate with low service costs. The new Iveco “blue” minibuses successfully combine the desired characteristics and therefore attracted our attention”, commented Eduard Bogomolov, the Head of engineering support services department for Autoline-Translight Asset Management LLC.

The new Daily “blue” minibus is a result of the collaboration between Iveco and one of the best Russian bodybuilders - ST Nizhegorodets. This guarantees a competitive price while meeting Iveco’s international standards for quality, safety and reliability.

Moscow, October 2016


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