• 23-MAY-2017

Astana, host city of Expo 2017, renews its confidence in IVECO BUS: with the supply of 210 Urbanway, it will count 570 IVECO buses in its fleet


The city of Astana, Kazakhstan, has once again chosen IVECO BUS as the official supplier for its public transit fleet of buses, and signed a contract for the supply of 210 Urbanway buses. This order comes on the back of the appointment, in 2014, of IVECO BUS as official supplier for Expo 2017 and the delivery of IVECO BUS Citelis buses, which are operating in the city’s public transport system.

IVECO BUS delivered to Astana LRT LLP, the municipal transport company of the capital city of Kazakhstan, 210 Urbanway Euro VI and Urbanway Hybrid 12-meter and 18-metre buses for the public transport system. The delivery took place during an official ceremony held on May 15th in Kostanay, Kazakhstan in the presence of Mr. Bakhytzhan Sagintayev, Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr. Valfré di Bonzo, CNH Industrial Country Manager for Central Asia and responsible for Government and Institutional Relations for Russia, Belarus and Central Asia, Mr. Lavrentyev, Chairman of Allur Group of Companies and Mr. Semeybayev, CEO of SaryarkaAvtoProm LLP.

IVECO BUS is also the European leader in the alternative fuel collective passenger transport market, offering the most extensive range of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), hybrid and electric vehicles in the industry. This makes IVECO BUS the perfect partner for the city of Astana and Expo 2017 in view of its theme, Future Energy, which will focus on “exploring strategies, programs and technologies aimed at sustainable energy development, promoting energy security and efficiency and encouraging the use of renewable energy.”

The 210 Urbanway buses will join the 358 IVECO BUS Citelis Euro V buses already operating in the city’s fleet, and will provide efficient and sustainable mobility during the Expo 2017, and in years to come. The completion of this contract’s delivery will place IVECO BUS in the lead in its segment in the Kazak market, with 570 busses operating in Astana

Sylvain Blaise, Vice-President of IVECO, responsible for global operations for IVECO BUS, proud of this renewed confidence, commented: “This second agreement for the supply of IVECO BUS vehicles for the city of Astana’s public transport fleet demonstrates our ability to meet cities’ requirements to reduce urban pollution, which has become a key concern for public authorities around the world. IVECO BUS is proving to be the ideal partner for cities aiming to develop a modern, efficient public transport system that respects the environment and the health of their inhabitants”.

The Urbanway Hybrid buses use up to 30% less fuel than conventional buses. They reduce CO2 emissions by 33% and nitrogen oxide (NOx) by 40% compared to diesel buses. This means 25 tons less CO2 every year for a standard bus and 37 tons for an articulated bus – that’s more than twice the tare weight of each vehicle.

The Urbanway Hybrid buses combine an electric traction system with a Euro VI internal combustion engine and a latest-generation lithium-ion battery pack. A smart power management system optimizes fuel consumption and emissions during movement, while excess braking energy is preserved in a storage system. The benefits of these buses include the “Arrive & Go” function that allows for 100% electric operation when approaching and leaving bus stops. It also temporarily disables the generator, eliminating vibration and reducing noise levels by more than 50%. The result is a completely silent and emissions-free approach and departure from bus stops.

IVECO BUS’s hybrid technology has proved to be extremely successful, and this ‘citizen friendly’ transport solution has been adopted by cities such as Madrid, Milan and Paris for their public transport systems, positioning the brand as leader in Europe’s sustainable bus market.

The Urbanway buses are the first from IVECO BUS to feature its breakthrough HI-SCR Euro VI technology, which does not use Exhaust Gas Recirculation, maintaining the vehicles’ excellent fuel efficiency. This low-floor city bus integrates the new IVECO Tector 7 and IVECO Cursor 9 engines on a fully redesigned structure that combines superior resistance and weight reduction.

The 210 Urbanway buses will be manufactured at the IVECO BUS plant in Annonay, France, while the final assembly will be made in Kostanay at the plant of IVECO BUS’s partner and distributor SaryarkaAutoProm (SAP), who will also provide technical and service support to the Astana bus fleet, ensuring the most efficient and sustainable performances.

Astana, May 2017


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