• 10-MAY-2018

IVECO unveils new Stralis NP and the Daily Blue Power Family “International Van of the Year 2018” at the Japan Truck Show 2018


IVECO launches its wide offering of natural gas commercial vehicles for people and goods transport, with a display of its new Stralis NP 400 and the Daily Blue Power Family in its Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power and Daily Minibus Natural Power versions at the Japan Truck Show.

IVECO, a global leader in on-road and off-road transport, is showcasing its offering of natural gas vehicles for the Japanese market at the Japan Truck Show, being held in Yokohama from May 10th to 12th. The brand is unveiling two new ranges of natural gas powered vehicles: the Stralis NP 400, the first natural gas truck specifically designed for long distance transport, and the Daily Blue Power Family, “International Van of the Year 2018”, in its Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power and Daily Minibus Natural Power versions, the first Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles with an 8-speed automatic gearbox, the class-exclusive Hi-Matic, offering the perfect combination of low emission fuel and driveability for urban areas.

Visitors to the stand will discover all the benefits of IVECO’s latest natural gas vehicles thanks to a series of activities, which include guided tours of the products on display and a Virtual Reality driver experience in the cab of the Stralis NP 400 LNG on the stand.

Stralis NP 400: the natural gas truck for sustainable transport

The new Stralis NP 400, which runs on CNG and Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), delivers an outstanding environmental performance: it reduces CO2 levels on extra-urban roads up to 10% and even up to 95% when supplied with bio-methane. It is also capable of ensuring over 95% NOx and PM emissions reduction compared to the IVECO Cursor 9 engine in its diesel Euro VI version, which is equivalent to the current Japanese emission standards.

The Stralis NP 400 is equipped with the 8.7-litre IVECO Cursor 9 Natural Gas Euro VI engine. It delivers the same output of 400 hp and 1,700 Nm torque as its diesel equivalent, resulting in best-in-class weight-to-power ratio, power density, service intervals, and quiet operation.

It features the 12-speed EUROTRONIC gearbox, which provides a smooth ride at constant engine load and top performance on slopes, where it delivers substantial fuel savings thanks to the eco-roll function. It also has the advantage of preventing driveline damage due to gearbox misuse and ensures longer clutch life, reducing maintenance costs.

The New Stralis NP offers optimal driving comfort and safety with the integrated hydraulic retarder, the hill holder function and the Adaptive Cruise Control as standard. With the new Stralis NP, IVECO makes the use of natural gas in long-distance transport a reality today.

The Stralis NP features the long-distance Hi-Way cab, which was introduced on the “International Truck of the Year 2013” Stralis Hi-Way, and has since become a favourite of haulage drivers. This high-roof cab is designed around the driver to provide a perfect working environment conducive to maximum productivity in the most demanding long-haul missions. With an internal height of some 2 metres and a volume of over 10 cubic metres, it is the most spacious and comfortable cab in the gas truck segment.

Models on display:

Stralis NP 400 in LNG version. The high volume capacity of the twin tanks in this LNG-only model extends the range autonomy to the record level of 1,500 km – with the same payload as its diesel equivalent. This version has very quickly become popular with supermarkets and food industry distributors across Europe for its outstanding environmental and operational performance.

Stralis NP 400 in CNG-LNG version. The Stralis NP 400 can also run with CNG, or a combination of CNG and LNG, with a range of 1,035 km. Thanks to the popularity of flexible filling stations in Japan, this autonomy makes the Stralis NP 400 a truly viable alternative to diesel, and with the same excellent environmental performance of the LNG-only version.

Cursor 9 natural gas engine. The engine mounted on the Stralis NP 400 features IVECO’s patented natural gas technology that improves stoichiometric combustion to deliver the best fuel efficiency in long haul missions. The new-generation gas injectors, fuel rail and pistons are designed to deliver the highest power output and torque: it is the first of its kind to deliver output equal or greater than same-size diesel engines. The new 3-way catalyst contributes to compliance with Euro VI emissions standards, while ensuring low noise levels. Its compact size frees up space to increase fuel tank capacity.

Daily Blue Power: the sustainable partner for people and goods transport

The Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power and the Daily Minibus Natural Power belong to IVECO’s Daily Blue Power sustainable family, which has been crowned “International Van of the Year 2018” by a panel of expert commercial vehicle journalists from across Europe. It is the first CNG vehicle with an 8-speed automatic gearbox in the industry. It makes a further improvement on what was already the best solution for urban transport by offering the perfect combination: the sustainability of IVECO’s Natural Power natural gas technology and the absolute driving pleasure of its class-exclusive Hi-Matic transmission, which smoothly engages the correct gear in less than 200 milliseconds with its self-adaptive shift strategy. The outstanding comfort of the cab is further enhanced by the vehicle’s extremely quiet operation, with a 4-decibel reduction in noise level compared to the diesel version. This vehicle delivers the robustness, performance and reliability that the Daily is known for, together with more comfort and fuel economy, extra-low pollutant and CO2 emissions and best-in-class driveability.

It features the 3-litre IVECO F1C engine that generates 136 hp to deliver best-in-class torque of 350 Nm. This engine of industrial derivation is more robust and guarantees more torque and driveability than ordinary CNG car-derived engines, delivering a performance without compromise.

Its environmental performance is equally remarkable: in real driving conditions and in an urban context, CO2 emissions of the CNG engine are 3% lower than those of the equivalent Diesel version. The application of the Hi-Matic transmission to CNG further improves this performance, extending this gap to 5%. If bio-methane is used to run the CNG engine, CO2 emissions can be very close to zero, with a 95% reduction. It also complies with Euro6/D standards, generating 76% less Particulate Matter and 12% lower NOx compared to our already excellent 3.0 litre diesel engine

The lower pump price of CNG compared to Diesel translates into very competitive cost per km and, if all factors such as fuel price, engine efficiency and energy value are considered, natural gas can deliver cost savings in excess of up to 35% compared to Diesel.

The Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power offers the perfect combination of low emission fuel and driveability for urban areas that makes it the perfect transport vehicle for sustainable businesses.

In its Minibus version, crowned “International Minibus of the Year 2017, it offers the perfect solution for a wide variety of passenger transport missions matching comfort and performance with IVECO's proven advanced solutions for sustainable transport.

Models on display:

Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power panel van in CNG version. There is a model for every mission: the vehicle can be configured to match the specific requirements of every customer. The Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power offers the perfect combination of low emission fuel and driveability for urban areas: with this Sustainability Champion, customers can enjoy Unlimited Delivery in all urban centres, even in areas with the strictest environmental regulations.

Daily Minibus Natural Power in CNG version. This is an extremely versatile vehicle, which offers configurations to suit every need, with seating layouts for up to 19 passengers and a hostess seat. An access ramp and quick-removal seats are available, to make it easy to set up the vehicle for wheel chair users. This very clean-running and quiet vehicle – its noise level 4 dB lower than the diesel equivalent – is ideal in urban areas with low emissions zones.

Hi-Matic 8-speed full automatic transmission. The class-exclusive Hi-Matic transmission on the Daily is designed to deliver absolute driving pleasure with its self-adaptive shifting strategy that adjusts the gear shifting control logic, choosing between 20 different programmes. Also used by luxury car brand Maserati, the Hi-Matic transmission is the best solution for driving in everyday city traffic, and ensures greater fuel economy, superior running performance and quiet operation.

Yokohama, 10th May 2018