IVECO showcases model breadth at 2021 Brisbane Truck Show

  • 14-MAY-2021



Boasting one of the broadest and most diverse commercial vehicle ranges available in Australia, IVECO has taken the opportunity to display key vehicles from its impressive product line-up at this year’s Brisbane Truck Show.

This year’s stand features vehicles ranging from a 4,495 kg GVM passenger car licence Daily E6, through to the latest generation 8x4 ACCO and 70t GCM highway range. All IVECO vehicles on the stand are Euro 6-rated, highlighting IVECO’s global commitment to minimising vehicle emissions years before it is mandated in the local market.

IVECO’s heavier line-up can be seen on stand with the Australian-made, 8x4 ACCO featuring a Superior Pak, front-loading compactor body.

The ACCO has been a leading model for refuse collection applications for decades, with the latest range continuing this tradition having gained fast-growing acceptance in service-related industries since its launch.

The displayed vehicle is rated at 28.5 tonnes and features a ‘Cursor 9’ engine with output of 360 hp and 1650 Nm, and is coupled to the Allison Generation Five 3200 Series, 6-speed full automatic transmission, a favourite for demanding start and stop refuse collection applications. The truck also benefits from rear IVECO 8-bag Electronically-Controlled Air Suspension and rear Meritor axles, with driver controlled diff. locks for additional traction.

Another key component of the latest ACCO range is its huge array of safety equipment which includes Electronic Stability Program, Advanced Emergency Braking System and Adaptive Cruise Control as standard, along with optional Lane Departure Warning System, hydraulic retarder, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System and Driver Attention Support.

In the medium weight class, IVECO is represented by the Eurocargo ML160 4x2 featuring 16 tonne GVM, 28t GCM and the proven 280 hp / 1000 Nm ‘Tector 7’ and ZF 9-speed driveline combination.

The Eurocargo model brings a touch of class and added comfort to the medium duty truck market. The Eurocargo’s safety offering is also a highlight of the range with the availability of a driver airbag, Electronic Stability Program, Anti-Slip Regulator, Hill-Holder, Advanced Emergency Braking System, Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Departure Warning System.

Representing the recently-launched new Daily E6 light duty range is the limited edition, 45C180 ‘Tradie-Made’ work-ready model, which is helping position Daily E6 as the leading European cab chassis in the Australian market.

The display vehicle features a 180 hp engine and 8-speed full automatic transmission combination, and is equipped with a factory 3.1 m, heavy-duty aluminium tray; a 4.2 m tray variant is also available in the Tradie-Made range.

Safety in the new Daily E6 is class-leading and includes four airbags, Advanced Emergency Braking System, Adaptive Cruise Control, Crosswind Assist and an enhanced ‘ESP9’ suite of stability control technologies as standard.

Other active safety features, including Lane Departure Warning System, full LED headlamps, Hill Descent Control, City Brake, Queue Assist and Traction Plus, are available as either stand-alone options or as part of ‘Pack’ option upgrades.

Capping off IVECO’s 2021 Brisbane Truck Show presence is one of the company’s heavy duty ‘Highway’ models.

Like the other vehicles on the IVECO stand, IVECO’s ‘Highway’ heavy duty display model features superior levels of performance, safety and comfort.

The display model has a GCM of >70 t and is powered by a ‘Cursor 13’ engine which develops up to 550 hp. The power plant is matched to the clever, Hi-Tronix 16-speed automated manual transmission, a market-leading offering that’s highly regarded for its efficiency, ease-of-use and durability.

Standard safety features of IVECO’s ‘Highway’ heavy duty range – which is also available in 6x4 and 8x4 rigid configurations – include Advanced Emergency Braking System, Adaptive Cruise Control and Electronic Stability Program; extra optional safety equipment, including Lane Departure Warning System, Driver Attention Support and Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, is also available.

In addition to its support of the Brisbane Truck Show, IVECO, in conjunction with Q-FE and Trout River, is also supporting the “Southbank Truck Festival” with display of a Q-FE “Road Ant”™.

The “Road Ant” is a dual control, forward moving, aggregate spreader, based on an ACCO 6x4 fitted with a Trout River, asphalt-compatible body and 10-gate chip spreader. The vehicle has been developed and built to comply with VicRoads Standard 408.11. A standard that mandates that all aggregate spreaders, working in sprayed sealing applications, are required to be forward-moving from 1 July, 2022.

The Q-FE Road Ant™ can be driven independently from both ends of the vehicle and includes extensive safety features that are engaged when driving the vehicle from either end.

With its extensive in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities based at the company’s Melbourne site, IVECO is an ideal truck manufacturer for local bodybuilders to partner with on complex builds such as the Q-FE Road Ant™.


Comments from IVECO Trucks Australia Managing Director, Michael May.

IVECO is excited to be supporting the 2021 Brisbane Truck Show.

Our presence this year focuses on providing attendees with a small taste of the vast IVECO on-highway product offering, which is one of the most comprehensive available in the country. On or off-highway, there is a reliable IVECO to suit most applications.

The display vehicles also highlight the benefits that IVECO enjoys as a European manufacturer with a local research and development and manufacturing capacity that ensures all vehicles are tailored to Australia’s unique operating conditions. The ACCO and our heavy duty ‘Highway’ range are great examples of what this global collaboration can deliver; a high-tech, European platform that has undergone extensive validation and local adaptation to suit the unique demands of our Australian geographic conditions and applications.  

We’re also proud to showcase our locally-developed IVECO Telematics system, which is now a standard feature across the entire heavy duty range and is the latest of a number of value-added products and services we’re developing for our customer base.

We look forward to sharing more developments covering this area of our business, as well as other initiatives, in the coming months.

14 May, 2021