• 14-MAY-2018

IVECO launches to the Turkish press new Stralis X-WAY, Daily Euro 6 and Daily Blue Power Family, “International Van of the Year 2018”


The new Stralis X-WAY range is specifically developed for vocational and construction logistics missions, providing the PERFECT CROSSING for on-road applications requiring off-road mobility

The Stralis X-WAY breaks new ground with the exceptionally low kerb weight of the Super Loader version on an 8x4 chassis developed for concrete mixer applications, which was tested by UTAC at just 8,845 kg, delivering the highest payload in its segment

The New Daily Euro 6, part of the Blue Power sustainable family crowned “International Van of the Year 2018”, featuring IVECO’s advanced SCR technology is ready for 2020 Real Driving Emissions standards two years ahead of the regulations coming into force

The new generation Daily Hi-Matic Euro 6 family offers a uniquely wide range of engine ratings up to 210 hp and 470 Nm, and with the new intelligent EcoSwitch PRO system it further raises the bar on fuel efficiency

IVECO presented today the new X-WAY range for construction logistics and urban services, and the new Daily Euro 6 at a press conference held in Istanbul.

Turkey Business Director Roberto Camatta stated: “We are proud to present our latest vehicles. The Stralis X-Way is a brand-new range that stands out for being specifically designed for the construction logistics and urban services sector, with record modularity that enables us to match each customer’s mission exactly, without compromise, and outstanding TCO. We are also introducing the Daily Euro 6, which features our advanced SCR technology, and is ready, two years ahead of time, for the Real Driving Emissions regulations that will come into force in 2020. Also new is the Daily Blue Power sustainable family, “International Van of the Year 2018”, which offers a choice of technologies unique in the market for operators looking for a low – or zero – emissions solution for their fleet.”

New Stralis X-WAY: the best payload in the industry combined with outstanding TCO

The Stralis X-WAY combines the legendary off-road chassis strength of the Trakker with the best on-road fuel efficiency features of the Stralis. It is designed for the most weight-sensitive missions, from concrete mixer to haulage, with the lowest kerb weight in the industry in order to deliver the biggest payload in its segment: its Super Loader version on an 8x4 chassis developed specifically for concrete mixer applications weighs in at less than 8,845 kg, maximizing the payload while respecting the road circulation weight restrictions. It was tested by independent certification body UTAC on an 8x4 chassis in running conditions and pulled by best-in-class 9-litre 400 hp engines, and its kerb weight was measured at 8,845 kg. This is a significant advantage in weight sensitive missions such as concrete mixers, where the customer’s profitability depends on the payload the truck is able to carry and hence kerb weight is of paramount importance.

The new Stralis X-WAY combines IVECO’s best fuel-efficiency and safety technologies with the legendary off-road robustness of its toughest vehicles to deliver high productivity with outstanding Total Cost of Ownership. It integrates the advanced features for on-road missions and the proven fuel reduction technologies that have been shown to reduce fuel consumption by 11.2% in the Stralis XP, as validated by leading technical service organisation TÜV SÜD. The new range features the best-in-class Hi-Tronix automated transmission and HI-MUX electrical and electronic architecture that enables all the fuel saving and safety functions such as the state-of-the-art HI-CRUISE system that integrates driving assistance functions such as eco-roll, predictive gear shifting and predictive cruise control. Also included are the Smart Auxiliaries that minimise fuel usage in every situation.

The new range features the patented Hi-SCR after-treatment system, which achieves a 97% NOx-abatement level – the highest in the market – and requires no parked regeneration, meeting Euro VI emission standards without EGR. This compact, lightweight technology offers the best combination of efficiency and long service life, and contributes to the Stralis X-WAY’s high payload. It is particularly well suited to the vocational and construction logistics missions, which often happen in urban environments where the EGR systems are more penalized in terms of soot production. In addition, this solution reduces maintenance costs and maximises the vehicle’s time on the road thanks to the longest maintenance intervals on the market.

The new range takes the modular approach to the extreme, offering a choice of line-ups that can be tailored to match the exact requirements of every mission, from light tipper to concrete mixer, with no compromise. It is available in three vehicle set-ups to match every customer need, depending on the amount of off-road that will be required of the vehicle: the On set up features all the Stralis on-road characteristics of best visibility and cab access, now available also on multi-axle versions; the Off set up matches all the high mobility performances needed to fully comply with off-road homologation. On+ is the intermediate set up for customers who require the most favourable mix of On- and Off-road operation.

New Daily Euro 6: Ready for 2020 Real Driving Emissions standards today

After the success of the Daily Euro 5 launched last year on the market, IVECO is raising the bar even further with the New Daily Euro 6. Leveraging on its strength, versatility, performance and durability heritage, the new Daily Euro 6 introduces new features that use technology to push the boundaries of performance, raise comfort to a new level, deliver more connectivity and lower its Total Cost of Ownership, reflecting its Business Instinct and making it the perfect business partner.

The New Daily Euro 6 range offers two four-cylinder engines, with displacements of 2.3 and 3.0 litres, power ranging from 120 to 210 horsepower, and torque from 320 to 470 Nm. These engines guarantee top performance in the extensive range of missions that use gross vehicle weights going from 3.5 to 7.2 tons. They feature the exclusive patented MULTIJET II system, which optimises combustion. These highly efficient engines deliver considerable fuel savings of up to 8% (on NEDC cycle), compared to the previous Euro 5 models.

IVECO’s engine strategy leverages on its leadership in engines and SCR technology: it is driven by its aim for excellence and is introducing RDE (Real Driving Emissions) ready hardware well in advance of the new regulations that will be mandatory starting from 2020.

The optimized 3.0-litre IVECO F1C engine, tested over 20,000 hours on test bench and over 1.5 million kilometres on the road, features Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology that controls NOx emissions and new injectors that help to optimise combustion and to lower Particulate Matter at engine out. This enables it to develop all the power needed for the most demanding high mileage and heavy-duty missions with remarkably low fuel consumption, long maintenance intervals and thus low operating costs.

The brand new 2.3-litre IVECO F1A engine has been reengineered from the oil-sump up and tested over 35,000 hours on test bench and over 1.3 million kilometres on the road. By using modern materials and virtual optimisation IVECO has been able to reduce the engine’s weight by 6%. By reducing friction, further optimizing the cooling and MULTIJET II injection system, installing a variable displacement oil pump, and other such improvements, fuel consumption has been cut by 8% on the NEDC cycle.

Confirming its Business Instinct, the new Daily Euro 6 has the flexibility to offer on models featuring the F1A engine a choice of SCR technology or Low Pressure EGR for customers with low mileage missions who prefer this solution.

The combination of the technical interventions made on the F1A engine, together with a slightly higher displacement compared to IVECO’s competitors and the after-treatment system ensure that the engine has naturally reduced raw emissions, which only require a simplified after-treatment system.

IVECO, a pioneer with over 25 years of SCR experience, takes the lead and with the new Daily Euro 6 featuring its SCR solution is ready for 2020 Real Driving Emissions limits two years before they come into force.

All the new features contribute to lowering the New Daily Euro 6 Total Cost of Ownership. The vehicle bristles with features that result in excellent fuel economy: from the Variable Geometry Turbine on models ranging from 140 to 180 hp that ensures a more efficient use of the engine, to the new EcoSwitch PRO intelligent system that automatically reduces torque when needed without driver intervention, reducing fuel consumption with no compromise to productivity.

These innovative solutions, together with the efficient engine and driveline technologies, result in an outstanding reduction in fuel consumption: up to 8% compared to Euro 5 models. In addition, as much as 15% of fuel can be saved by the driver following the real-time suggestions of the Driving Style Evaluation system (DSE).

Maintenance intervals have been extended to 50,000 km through the use of longer lasting components and consumables, resulting in 20% more uptime between services. The optimised braking system with new, tougher brake pads is more efficient and durable. All this, together with the harmonisation of maintenance interventions resulting in more vehicle uptime, adds up to a significant reduction in maintenance and repair costs: up to 12% depending on the vehicle’s mission.

The Daily is the most versatile vehicle in its class with the widest line-up in the industry ranging from 3.5 right up to 7.2 tonnes of gross vehicle weight, and from 10 m3 up to 19.6 m3 cargo volumes. The exceptional versatility and variety of versions available – van, semi-windowed van, chassis cab, chassis cowl and crew cab – opens up a wealth of possibilities for a wide variety of missions.

In addition, the load-bearing structure with ‘C’ shaped, special steel cross-members is the best platform for bodybuilders to adapt for very diverse missions, such as Camper, Ambulance, Car-recovery or Garbage-collection. This outstanding versatility is further extended with the introduction of the new 5,100 mm wheelbase on the 7 tonne model, which maximizes the possible body length for the chassis cab versions and adds even more adaptation opportunities for bodybuilders.

New Daily Blue Power, “International Van of the Year 2018”: the new sustainable range for unlimited delivery in urban areas

IVECO also introduced new Daily Blue Power family: the perfect vehicle for urban and suburban missions; it can access all city centres round the clock, freeing transport operators from the constraints of environmental regulations with its winning combination of technology, low emissions and environmental impact, high performance and efficiency.

Immediately recognisable by the blue grille, dashboard and gear lever, the New Daily Blue Power anticipates the future and offers freedom of choice between three technologies: the most advanced diesel solution, natural gas and electric.

The Daily Euro 6 RDE Ready features the most advanced diesel technology on the market and is the first LCV ready for 2020 Real Driving Emissions regulations with, as verified by the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). It is extremely fuel efficient, to the benefit of the customers’ Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): with the standard Start&Stop system and the Michelin eco-tyres, it uses up to 7% less fuel compared to the current version based on real urban customer mission.

The Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power is the first Compressed Natural Gas vehicle with an 8-speed automatic gearbox in the LCV industry – the perfect combination of low emission fuel and driveability for urban areas.

The Daily Electric is the zero-emissions vehicle that enables circulation in cities with the strictest traffic restrictions.

The Daily Blue Power family is the sustainable business partner that opens the way to UNLIMITED DELIVERY in urban and suburban missions, giving operators a clear competitive advantage in sustainable transport.

İstanbul, 14 May 2018