• 09-FEB-2016

Magirus History



Conrad Dietrich Magirus founded the business that bears his name in 1864, when he started to produce fire pumps at a factory in Ulm, Germany. In 1872, the famous ‘Ulmer’ two wheel hand ladder is launched, while in 1903, Magirus produces its first self-driven steam fire pump. 

Firefighting technology is taken several further steps forward by the firm when, in 1914, it produces and delivers its first fully functional motorised turntable ladder vehicles. This is followed in 1931 by the development of the first steel ladder set for turntable ladders.

In 1951, Magirus set new records with the presentation of the world’s highest turntable ladder, with a climbing height of 52m + 2m. The firm launched its first airport firefighting vehicle, with four axles and eight wheel-drive, in 1972.

Fiat Group became the majority shareholder of Magirus Deutz in 1974, and a year later Magirus formed part of the newly-founded Iveco.

The firm continued to push the boundaries of technology in emergency vehicles, and in 1994 launched an articulated turntable ladder. In 2013 a unit with a working height of 42m is unveiled, and today it can reach working heights of up to 68 metres, the highest in the world.

Along with Fiat’s other non-automotive interests, in 2011 Magirus was demerged from Fiat S.p.A, becoming part of the new Fiat Industrial, Fiat Group’s capital goods division. In 2013, the business was transferred to CNH Industrial, following the merger of Fiat Industrial and CNH Global N.V. The following year, Magirus celebrated its 150th anniversary and opened a new ‘Excellence Center’ at its Ulm headquarters.