• 08-JUN-2015

M34L-H – Magirus Presents a New Turntable Ladder for “Heavy-Duty” Use



High-performance heavyweight impresses with overreach, extensive space, high water output, and considerable load capacity

This turntable ladder has revolutionized ladder technology – it offers a wide range of uses, was designed based on real-world experience, has a high rescue capacity, and is equipped with state-of-the-art safety technology. With the new M34L-H turntable ladder, which Magirus is first presenting at the Interschutz trade show in Hanover, the global market leader once again highlights its outstanding expertise in the field of turntable ladder technology when it comes to high ladder rescue operations. The turntable ladder for “heavy-duty” operations has a completely redeveloped rescue and working cage with a load capacity of 500 kilograms and a cage size of 1.5 square meters. The innovative new product can be seen at Magirus’s 4,000-square-meter exhibition space in Pavilion 32.

Larger Cage, Higher Water Output

Much more space and much higher output – this sums up the new “heavy-duty” M34L-H turntable ladder, which was developed working closely with colleagues from fire departments. The spacious working cage and the increased water output are valuable improvements for company and heavy industry fire departments and clients from countries that adhere to NFPA standards. The performance profile of the M34L-H makes it more than just a reliable alternative to rescue platforms.

The newly developed, four-part “heavy-duty” ladder set offers a working height of over 34 meters and is equipped with a wider access way and higher railing than classic ladder sets. The new rescue and working cage, with a load capacity of up to 500 kilograms and five people as well as an increased base area of 1.5 square meters, was designed especially for the ladder. The cage can be swiveled to both sides at a 45-degree angle, which means it offers a never-before-seen level of flexibility where the cage and the building meet. The cage has four large and accessible entry points which are easy to walk onto, even while wearing a breathing apparatus. The main access point has been designed to be wide enough for wheelchairs and has a retractable platform, which makes it easy and safe to cross or work from.

A fixed water cannon is located on the front side of the cage. This cannon has a water throughput capacity of 4,000 liters per minute – from the pump through the rotating assembly to the top of the ladder and then to the nozzle. Output can be set incrementally to between 1,000 and 4,000 liters per minute, depending on need. Three multifunctional columns make it possible to attach an extensive range of accessories to the cage, including gurney storage. The rescue cage also has space for additional equipment like pressure outlets for fighting fires, water nozzles for self-protection, normal imaging and thermal imaging cameras, floodlights, and electrical connections.

When it comes to transporting heavy loads, the “heavy-duty” turntable ladder really lives up to its name. Up to 1,000 kilograms can be moved at the top of the ladder. Loads of up to 6,000 kilograms can be secured and transported when connected to the bottom ladder.

On the basis of the tried and tested Magirus Vario jacking system, Magirus developed an innovative new jacking safety system for the “Heavy-Duty” turntable ladder. As a result, the M34L-H achieves an overreach in excess of 30 meters with 114 kilograms in the cage (an NFPA requirement) and as such, is the first fully extendable turntable ladder pursuant to DIN EN 14043 in the 30-meter class.

To store tactical fire department equipment, the “Heavy-Duty” turntable ladder’s platform was raised so that additional, extensive equipment storage space was created on the sides. In addition, a further deep equipment area is located on the back side, which offers space to securely store extension and roof ladders.

The “Heavy-Duty” turntable ladder will be presented at the Interschutz 2015 attached to an Iveco Stralis AD260S42 Euro 6 three-axle chassis with 309 kW (420 hp). Thanks to to the third steerable axle, the vehicle offers an outstanding level of maneuverability which makes the drive to the scene easier, particularly when traveling down narrow streets. The vehicle exhibited in the Magirus pavilion is also equipped with a 2,000-liter / 500-gallon container for fire extinguishing agent. The Midship pump installed here has an output of 4,000 liters at 10 bar.

Safety with a New Design

The new Magirus TeamCab M-Pro team cabin, designed for a team of 1+5, offers the greatest possible level of safety and modern comfort. Four breathing apparatuses are stored here in the direction of travel.

The new M34L-H has been developed in Magirus’s new turntable ladder design. Eye-catching design elements, a new color scheme, and redesigned molded parts were developed by the company to increase safety and comfort. For example, a novel illumination concept with high-performance, anti-glare LED lamps ensures that the site is perfectly illuminated regardless of the lighting conditions, and the new platform surface guarantees the safety of the team.

​Ulm, June 8, 2015