• 08-JUN-2015

M68L – Magirus Presenting the Highest Turntable Ladder in the World at the Interschutz Trade Show



World’s first offers a working height of 68 meters and also impresses when fully extended thanks to unmatched stability and ideal working conditions / four-axle vehicle chassis improves maneuverability

Magirus is once again showing the world why it is the leading innovator in the field of high ladder rescue at the Interschutz trade show in Hanover. After achieving working heights of 52, 55, and 60 meters, the long-established company from Ulm, Germany, is taking the next step in a completely new dimension and launching the M68L, which is currently the highest turntable ladder in the world. The new model series has a working height of 68 meters and sets standards beyond height – thanks to Magirus taking an comprehensive view when designing the ladder, it also offers unmatched stability and as such, the ideal conditions for high ladder rescue operations. This novelty on the world market can be seen at Magirus’s 4,000-square-meter exhibition space in Pavilion 32.

Seven-Part Ladder Set with New Elevator

The M68L is the new flagship among Magirus’s Extra Long Ladders (XXL). With a working height of 68 meters, the highest Magirus ladder not only offers tried and tested equipment, but with its new features, once again proves that Magirus knows the needs of fire departments and systematically develops its products to meet those needs.

The new M68L promises stability in extreme heights, and fulfills this promise. This is made possible by the completely redesigned Vario jacking system with a jacking width of 6 meters, which was designed using a completely new method. The result is a system that provides maximum stability, even when the ladder is fully extended. Another distinctive feature is the newly constructed ladder set. For the first time, Magirus is using a seven-part ladder set which offers an ideal solution between the conflicting aspects of weight and stability. Thanks to advancements made to the entire system, the M68L also offers “best-in-class” overreach.

The redesigned components will be systematically transferred over to the other M55L and M60L XXL turntable ladders. In addition, the Magirus range of turntable ladders will be extended to include an M64L – with a working height of 64 meters and total vehicle length under 12 meters.

In order to optimize working at such heights, Magirus is also equipping the M68L with a new elevator (Magirus RE300). When designing the new elevator, the company has also made safety and comfort a top priority. The elevator has a significantly improved load capacity compared to previous versions. A total of 300 kilograms can now be transported, which is equal to up to three people including additional load. And it can do so at a maximum speed of 1.6 meters per second.

As a unique feature is that the rescue elevator can travel from the top of the ladder to the ground in one go, eliminating the need to climb around, which is cumbersome and sometimes dangerous. Safe entry and exit on the ground and from or into the cage, even while wearing full gear, is guaranteed.

Furthermore, one member of the team can stay in the cage to monitor crossing from the building to the cage and subsequently into the elevator. Thanks to higher railings and a new design, crossing is much more ergonomic and much improved when firefighters need to make a quick rescue in extreme heights. This new development will be applied to all Magirus ladders with elevators.

For the first time, Magirus is using a four-axle chassis for the M68L – what has long been standard in the construction industry has been rare in firefighting up until now. The new turntable ladder vehicle not only offers increased loading capacity, but also improved maneuverability. Thanks to the four axles, the front overhang above the driver’s cab has been significantly reduced. This is an added safety bonus when driving through intersections.

The M68L will be exhibited at the Interschutz mounted to an Iveco Trakker AD340T45, 8x4x4. The chassis has a gross vehicle weight of 34 tons, an engine output of 332 kW (450 hp) and meets the Euro 6 emissions standard.

Safety with a New Design

The M68L has been developed in Magirus’s new turntable ladder design. In addition to a variety of design elements, a new color scheme, and redesigned molded parts, a particular focus was placed on safety and comfort. For example, a novel illumination concept with high-performance, anti-glare LED lamps ensures that the site is perfectly illuminated regardless of the lighting conditions, and the new platform surface provides improved safety for the team. 

Ulm, June 8, 2015