• 12-JUN-2014

Magirus AIRCORE – a multi-purpose weapon for fire brigades



The 150-year history of the Magirus brand is characterised by the aspiration to innovate continuously in accordance with the demands and challenges of our customers. Innovation coupled with technical expertise has long since been one of the great strengths and self-imposed obligations of Magirus.  

Against the backdrop of increasingly larger deployment ranges of fire brigades in the area of firefighting and smoke suppression, it was a matter of course to design and implement new solutions for efficient and contemporary defence against hazards.

For example, firefighting operations in underground car parks, car tunnels or subway tunnels are among the greatest challenges for fire brigades due to the enormous amount of smoke and heat. In these deployment scenarios, conventional firefighting equipment very quickly reaches its limits; protracted firefighting that is dangerous for the personnel is the result. But fires and incidents in industrial facilities, refineries, large landfills, and airports also presents new challenges for fire brigades. Urban centres, including adjacent forest and meadow areas, are another potential area of use that should not be underestimated.

Magirus AIRCORE was created for this purpose. In cooperation with the TechnoAlpin Group, the world leader and specialist in snowmaking equipment, a product was developed which meets the increasing requirements of fire brigades.

The heart of the Magirus AIRCORE is an innovative high performance turbine, which – mounted on a vehicle – can be rotated by 360°, raised to 50°, and lowered to -20°. The drive is electric or electro-hydraulic and needs only 25 kW of drive power – an advantage in terms of the reduction in requirements for the chassis. Built on a DAILY chassis, the Magirus AIRCORE is a highly manoeuvrable vehicle for off-road use, which offers fire brigades a variety of tactical advantages in operations. This is especially true when a 4x4 model is used as a basis (as shown here).

Among the main advantages of the Magirus AIRCORE is the optimum water atomisation. Its dosage ensures that the water particles have the exact size to achieve maximum cooling effect and the resulting rapid success in extinguishing the fire. In regard to the throw distance, no compromises need to be made.

Moreover, the response time is significantly reduced, thereby optimising the efficiency of use. With an effective depth of up to 80 m, operations can be carried out from a much greater distance than with conventional extinguishing agents, increasing the safety of the personnel.

Another advantage of the Magirus AIRCORE is the high tactical flexibility of the device during operations. Through the use of different extinguishing media such as water and foam, in variable proportion, from direct to indirect, the Magirus AIRCORE can be used for the entire range of fire classes of A to F. The amount of water used is flexible and ranges from 1000 l/min to 3500 l/min when using the monitor head centrally positioned in the turbine as the water cannon.

The Magirus AIRCORE can also be used as a conventional high-performance fan with an airflow of up to 105,000 sqm/h. In this way the machine underscores its multi-functional versatility in use.
Also worthy of mention is the extremely low noise level of only 70 dB during full load operation.

The Magirus AIRCORE built on a DAILY chassis is placed at the rear of the vehicle to make it possible to use the entire effective radius without restriction. An optional device compartment behind the cab also offers the possibility of integrating an extinguishing agent tank. An included portable fire pump ensures that the turbine is supplied with sufficient pressure if necessary.

In summary it can be stated that Magirus AIRCORE meets the highest expectations in the area of performance of fire protection vehicles and impresses with its versatility and efficiency.

Ulm, 12 June 2014