• 08-JUN-2015

Magirus New MLF Daily – Perfect Security



Evolution of the popular MLF – now with new TEAM Cab

Robust, individual and comfortable – Magirus has revolutionised its mid-sized vehicle used daily by many fire departments: the newly redesigned MLF Daily. By combining the New Daily with the new TEAM Cab, Magirus has created a completely new vehicle that significantly facilitates the day-to-day work of fire departments. This compact vehicle is being shown for the first time at the 4000 m2 Magirus Stand in Pavilion 32 of the Interschutz trade fair in Hanover.

Safety and convenience were the top priorities of Magirus engineers when they redesigned the Daily. The new chassis is constructed of even stronger, more robust steel, which once again sets it apart from its competitors in this segment. The MLF scores points in terms of manoeuvrability as well. Particularly in inner cities and winding alleys, this is a great advantage that can significantly influence the speed of a mission and thus, the time of arrival at the deployment site.

Modular Design for even more Flexibility – Alufire 3

With a gross weight of from 3.5 to 7.2 tonnes, this fire engine is also a light-weight vehicle that can simultaneously carry a high payload. The light Alufire 3 aluminium superstructure has a great deal of storage space for any type of fire-fighting equipment. Due to the 360° carrier strips around the circumference, equipment can be loaded from the ceiling to the floor of the compartment. All space is thus optimally used, and the modular design places hardly any limits on flexibility or individuality. The specially designed aluminium profiles are highly resistant, stable and extremely long-lasting. In addition, the New Daily is equipped with the unique Magirus CAN-Bus technology.

Comfortable And Safe – The New TEAM Cab

A special highlight of the New Daily is the new TEAM Cab. The cab, developed on the basis of an international ergonomics study, also meets the highest demands for comfort and safety. More storage volume, USB ports, monitors for better mission oversight, continuous LED illumination as well as a wide, 90-degree door opening are only some of the highlights of the new TEAM Cab. Based on a modular system, the dimensions of the cab as well as its interior configuration are variable. The New Daily can thus be set up for a crew of 1+5 or – in the long version – 1+8. 

Ulm, 8 June 2015