• 08-JUN-2015

Magirus Presents Three-Axle Chassis for all Types of Magirus Turntable Ladders



In collaboration with Iveco Trucks, Magirus now offers a comprehensive vehicle concept with steerable third axle and significantly reduced turning radius / The novelty on the world market will be presented for the very first time at the Interschutz trade show together with the M32L-AT articulated turntable ladder

Maneuverability, flexibility, low weight – these attributes are often crucial when it comes to operating turntable ladders in the field. Fire departments frequently need to access hard-to-reach sites, cope with difficult situations, or be mindful of the weight limits of parking areas. Three-axle chassis offer outstanding options in this regard, since they combine excellent maneuverability and a comparatively tight turning radius with relatively low weight and considerable for equipment. The only problem: in the past, vehicles with three axles could usually only be implemented through complex modifications to an existing vehicle – with the corresponding higher costs.

But Magirus now presents the solution. In collaboration with Iveco Trucks, Magirus, the leading innovator in the field of fire protection technology, now offers a standard three-axle chassis for Magirus turntable ladders up to 42 meters in length – the Iveco ML220E32 chassis with a 6x2x4 drive and a gross vehicle weight of 22 tons, and a operational weight of 16 tons. The vehicle’s wheelbase measures 4,185 mm + 1,395 mm, and it is powered by a high-performance, six-cylinder engine with 235 kW (320 hp) with 1,100 Nm of torque. Particularly noteworthy is that the engine meets the Euro 6 emissions standard – making it the only mass-produced chassis in this class.

The three-axle chassis is available right off the assembly line and – depending on the required turntable ladder model – is now easier and more affordable to implement than ever before. The vehicle’s third axle is a steerable axle, which reduces its turning radius by up to three meters compared to a two-axle chassis – a reduction that offers a clear benefit when on the scene. Another new feature for this kind of emergency vehicle is the use of an electronic stability program (ESP), which offers additional safety when pushing the vehicle to its limits out in the field.

Magirus is presenting this chassis in conjunction with the Magirus M32L-AT turntable ladder system as a world’s first at the Interschutz trade show from June 8-13, in Hannover, Germany. Thanks to the vehicle’s maneuverability and the tried and tested articulated ladder with telescoping hinge, this concept offers a maximum level of flexibility in the event of an emergency. It even allows fire departments to complete complex approaches and drive deep into winding building structures. The three-axle chassis, which was designed based on real-world experience, can be delivered with all Magirus turntable ladder models, including:

  •  The standard 32-meter, 39-meter, or 42-meter models (M32L, M39L, and M42L, respectively)
  •  An articulated ladder with five-piece ladder set with telescoping hinge (M32 L-AT)
  •  An articulated ladder with a four-part single extension technology ladder set and working heights of 32 meters (M32L-AS) or 42 meters (M42L-AS)

All turntable ladders can be shipped with all elements from Magirus’s current turntable ladder design. In addition, every feature of Magirus state-of-the-art turntable ladders is compatible with the new three-axle chassis.

​Ulm, June 8, 2015