• 08-JUN-2015

The Legend Lives – Magirus Presents New Low-Profile Design at the Interschutz Trade Show



A classic turntable ladder in new design / High ladder rescue expertise at Pavilion 32 / Magirus innovations on 4,000 square meters of exhibition space

For over 150 years, Magirus has set standards in turntable ladder technology and supports firefighters around the world in carrying out their duties. At the Interschutz 2015, the company headquartered in Ulm, Germany, will demonstrate its expertise when it comes to high ladder rescue operations in not one, but several ways. One of the highlights at the leading global trade show for fire and catastrophe protection: Magirus will present a completely new, low-profile design.

The highly-specialized engineers have taken another step and reinvented a classic while making use of Magirus’s modern turntable ladder design. The result is a turntable ladder vehicle which combines high standards when it comes to safety, comfort, and design with a total vehicle height of approx. 3 meters and a total width of 2.40 meters. This combination of state-of-the-art vehicle technology with revolutionary turntable ladder design is trend-setting on a global scale. 

Safety Meets Design

A new color scheme and redesigned molded parts are arguably the most prominent characteristics of the new turntable ladder design. But beyond that, Magirus’s priority was to increase functionality and to put a further spotlight on the safety of the team. As such, the company developed a special illumination concept with high-performance, anti-glare LED lamps which offers increased protection, particularly at night. The light strip integrated into the new rear panel provides an excellent warning effect and increases the visibility of the entire vehicle. The continuous area lighting guarantees perfect illumination of the scene and the expansive equipment area lighting ensures that team members can safely remove their gear, even in difficult visibility conditions.

A new type of platform surface offers ideal footing and at the same time, makes it easier to climb onto and off the platform. Team members can move safely over the ladder set to the cage via an ergonomic safety ladder with large, colored handles and perfect illumination. The new, wider emergency descent ladders are also illuminated and can be folded out, if needed. 

Magirus also placed a particular focus on the main control station. A wide entryway as well as crash bars increase safety, while the large, heated seating area provides additional comfort and protection against rain and cold. The seat’s angle of recline was expanded to 20 degrees, which means the operator has an ideal view of the rescue cage, even when the ladder is fully extended. At the same time, the floor section, with its hydraulic actuator, follows the angle of the ladder set to secure operation of the turntable ladder at any time. The seat adjusts automatically in conjunction with the ladder set, but can also be adjusted individually at any time. Furthermore, the joystick and the display, which pivots out automatically, can both be repositioned, making rescue operations even easier. And in order to optimize communication with the cage control station, the microphone was also repositioned.

Maneuverable and Fast

Tunnels, bridges, and narrow old town streets frequently make the fire department’s drive to the scene more difficult. Thanks to an overall height of approx. 3 meters and a total width of only 2.40 meters, Magirus’s new low-profile design guarantees an easy and rapid drive to the scene, improving the fire department’s ability to save lives. An additional benefit when it comes to travel time is the vehicle’s enlarged steering angle, which results in increased maneuverability and a significant reduction in the need to drive in reverse. Thanks to the 1+2 driver’s cab, three people can ride in the new turntable ladder vehicle, which means that an entire team is available at the scene. In order to ensure that the driver has full control of the vehicle and to provide the maximum level of safety in the event of inclement weather and extreme driving situations, ESP comes standard on the low-profile vehicle. Furthermore, the low-profile vehicle has also been optimized so that it meets the stringent requirements of the Euro 6 emissions standard. The new vehicle is manufactured with components from the standard chassis and can be shipped with either an M32L, an M39L, an articulated (M30L-A), an articulated telescoping (M32L-AT), or an individual extending (M32L-AS) turntable ladder.

A Tradition of Expertise in High Ladder Rescue Operations

Visitors can closely examine the new low-profile design and much more at the Interschutz 2015 from June 8-13, 2015. In typical Magirus tradition, the company will exhibit a wide range of innovations in the field of high ladder rescue as well as its latest turntable ladder products at the trade show on 4,000 square meters of exhibition space in Pavilion 32.

Ulm, June 8, 2015