• 11-JAN-2016

The Magirus Airport Reception Committee



The protective fire safety on airports is generally considered to be one of the most complex and greatest challenges for the fire services – and thus also for all manufacturers of fire fighting vehicles. Magirus offers a complete product range for holistically covering all potential hazards that must be met on airports.

No other manufacturer of fire fighting vehicles can offer chassis, superstructure and components – everything from only one source!  Our principle “all in-house manufacturing” has always been a convincing argument. From the chassis to the bodywork almost all components are in-house developments and so optimally matched to one another. Magirus is a partner who takes the end-to-end responsibility of the whole product and this for as long as an Iveco Magirus vehicle is operating for his customers.

Company-owned testing facility, allowing thorough testing of all performance parameters of the final product including the extinguishing technical superstructure, the powertrain and the safety components such as brakes, shutdowns in the limit, Pump & Roll etc. as well as on- and off-road behavior such as climbing ability and side slope testing. Magirus can therefore develop vehicles which guarantee the highest levels of robustness and reliability for all conditions of use.

With the airport crash tender range DRAGON x4, x6 and x8, Magirus offers three variants in this "top of the range“ category, that will meet even the most specific requirements. The excellent cross-country capabilities of these vehicles provide for an unrestricted mobility and ensure that firefighting can also be effected away from the runway safe and without any loss of time.

The performance of the customized ARFF models from the Magirus Dragon series exceeds the current requirements of the ICAO and NFPA. The developed modular structure makes it possible to implement different configurations and drive variants that include a 4x4 on a two-axle chassis, a 6x6 on a three-axle chassis and a 8x8 on a four-axle chassis with single motorization and with Twin Engine Power Pack (TEP) drive system based on a powerful Iveco engines.

Whether 8x8 or 6x6, all vehicles of the DRAGON model series are equipped with standardized components and assemblies. This standardization not only makes production and spare parts management far more efficient, it also facilitates training and orientation of new fire-fighting personnel.

Magirus established the ARFFV business unit 1992 with the first model called TUCANO of which we delivered worldwide 45 units until 1997. After that the first DRAGON models of 4x4 and 6x6 followed more than 300 units, including the air transportable version of the 4x4.

At the largest worldwide trade fair for rescue, fire and civil protection services, INTERSCHUTZ 2010, Magirus presented the new high-performance ARFF trucks SuperDragon x8. The first customer was the Hong Kong International Airport with in total two ordered vehicles. Reference customer countries include Spain, Poland, Kuwait, Turkey, Romania, Philippines, India, Laos and some others.

The IMPACT series, with the variants x4 and x6, is the ideal completion to the DRAGON range or even a cost-effective alternative, e.g. for smaller airports or for cases where a road legal is relevant. Based on highly cross-country capable, single tyre four-wheel-drive chassis, these vehicles are extremely mobile but nevertheless equipped with an impressive firefighting power: depending on vehicle type up to 12.000 litres of firefighting agent can be carried on board.

This concept has been very much proven in practice as is shown by the more than 150 IMPACT vehicles that are currently in world-wide operational use at airport fire service departments.Reference customer countries include Germany, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Spain, Switzerland, Egypt and some others. In total, over 400 vehicles have been delivered.

​Ulm, 11 January 2016