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Iveco Group has partnered with thenewsmarket to bring you a one-of-a-kind multimedia news site. You can stay up to date as it happens with key news releases for events, products, and all things Iveco Group. Connect with interest-specific live RSS feeds and social networks and take advantage of free, high quality multimedia content for download.

When the All Media Panel showcases any piece of content, you are also presented with a number of options

  1. “Download”: click on this option to directly download any multimedia file
  2. “More Info”: clicking on this option allows you to see more details on the asset being viewed.
  3. “Share”: various sharing options are shown that allow you to embed, email, or retrieve a direct link to any content being viewed. You can also share the content being viewed through your favorite social networking and bookmarking sites.

Desktops and Tablet Devices:

Mobile Devices:

Multimedia content can be found in any story/news release. Additional content can be found in the section named “Gallery” under any brand or corporate.

Most video assets available on the site can be downloaded in broadcast quality. See the previous question for instruction on how to download an asset.

Click on the asset you would like to download.

This will open the All Media Panel, which will feature the selected content:

Click on the "Download" button.

You will be shown a layer named “Download”. On this screen, click on the format you would like to download.

If you require images in a different format or size to that available on the Newsroom, please get in touch with the associated press contact with your request, quoting the Asset ID.

Please get in touch with the associated press contact with your request, quoting the Asset ID.

The Media Cart is a feature that allows you to save a collection of assets that can be viewed, shared, or downloaded at a later time.

An option is available for all assets that allows you to add them to the Media Cart.

On desktops: hover over any asset, and the Media Cart option will appear on the far right side as shown below:

On tablets and mobile devices: the option to add content to the Media Cart appears alongside assets

When viewing any story, you also have the option to add all of its assets to the Media Cart at once:

On desktops and tablets: click on the “Media Cart” link at the top of the page:

On mobile devices: click on the menu icon at the top of the page:

Then select the option for “Media Cart”:

From the Media Cart page, you can perform any of the following:

  • Download all assets at once
  • Download assets individually
  • Remove assets from the Media Cart
  • Email the Media Cart’s content as a list to any recipient
  1. To download all assets at once, click “Download All”
  2. To download assets individually, click on an asset’s download button as you would on any other page
  3. To remove all assets from the Media Cart, click on the option to “Remove all from Media Cart”
  4. To remove any asset individually, click on the option represented with the trash bin as illustrated below. On desktops, this option will appear when you hover over an asset within the Media Cart page. For tablets and mobile devices, this option will be shown alongside the asset

  5. To email the contents of the Media Cart, click on the option reading “Send Media Cart”.

Enter the email addresses for recipients and an “Access Code” to password-protect the Media Cart being sent if desired (recipients will be required to enter in the passcode to view the Media Cart). Recipients will then be sent a link to a copy of the Media Cart you have created (users will never be able to access your Media Cart directly).

RSS feeds deliver you real-time information on the topics you are interested in. With the Iveco Group Newsroom site, the RSS feeds will provide you with the latest breaking stories and brand new content for the Brands, Corporate and sections on the site. The Iveco Group Newsroom site has various RSS feeds, allowing you to choose the topics to which you would like to subscribe.

To subscribe to an RSS feed, you can copy the feed URL to the RSS client of your choice. Alternatively, you can click the XML button to access the XML directly for ingestion to most other newsreaders or "aggregators".