• 13-JUN-2018

FPT Industrial to Show its Agricultural Offering at the Irrigation Australia International Conference and Exhibition (IAICE)


Whether you farm lentils in Victoria or wheat in New South Wales, you know the importance of high-performing agricultural equipment. Without a dependable supply of water and equally dependable tractors to tend them, crops lie fallow, profits fall, and valuable growing time is lost.
These are but a few of the reasons why crop producers, equipment distributors, and indeed any Australian or New Zealander concerned with agricultural performance and responsible water usage will be at Sydney’s International Convention Centre from June 13-15 for the 2018 Irrigation Australia International Conference and Exhibition (IAICE).
It’s there that visitors will learn about a variety of innovative agricultural offerings from more than 100 exhibitors, chief among them a series of industry-leading solutions from FPT Industrial, the CNH Industrial brand dedicated to the development and production of powertrains for power generation, agricultural, construction, marine, and a host of other applications.
Be sure to leave plenty of time, because there will be a lot to explore at the two FPT Industrial booths. The main stand at location F18 will display two top-performing Industrial Power Units (IPU) that are ideal for demanding irrigation environments and a Generator Set.
These include:
  • The N45 engine is a 4-cylinder, 4.5 litre inline engine with 4 valves per cylinder, a mechanical fuel injection system, and turbocharged aftercooler. It generates up to 126hp (93 kW) @ 2200 rpm and 525Nm of torque @ 1250rpm. It also meets Stage IIIA/Tier 3 emissions standards with minimum operating costs thanks to long oil change intervals.
The N45 engine is the muscle behind the GS NEF 60-ne and numerous other FPT Industrial power unit models, with a robust design and outstanding reliability. With more than 1.7 million units produced since 2001, it and other NEF-series engines have become a reference in the industry.
  • Looking for even more power, FPT Industrial’s Cursor 9 is an in-line 6-cylinder diesel engine that generates up to 354 hp (260 kW) @ 2100 rpm and offers max torque of 1500Nm @ 1400 rpm. It uses a common rail fuel injection system to deliver power and torque density 11% greater than competing systems, meeting Stage IIIA/Tier 3 emissions requirements. Plus, the Cursor 9 as part of FPT Industrial’s Cursor engine series, is designed for great performance in even the most difficult conditions.
  • The GS NEF 60-ne is a quiet and powerful Generator Set equipped with an in-line 4-cylinder engine that boasts “Prime Power” ratings of 60 kVA @ 50Hz and 66 kVA @ 50Hz while in Standby mode. With a range of configurations such as Mobile Heavy Duty Kit, Skid Kit, Emergency Kit, several electrical connections, automatic or manual control panels, and more, this plug-and-play, fully-enclosed Generator Set will be a welcome sight anywhere a reliable, fuel-efficient power source is needed.
These are just a few examples of FPT Industrial’s broad assortment of industrial power units. Each is suitable for both mobile and stationary applications such as dewatering, manure processing, power spraying, wood and aggregate handling, and especially irrigation.
Once you’ve had a chance to check out a few of these newest additions to the FPT Industrial line-up, you might be in the mood for more innovations. If so, Booth D28 is the place to be. There you’ll find the latest in agricultural workhorses, the New Holland T7 Heavy Duty tractor, a truly stylish yet powerful tractor. 
Powered by one of FPT Industrial’s N67 engine, a 175-hp, six-cylinder diesel that enjoys the same low-maintenance, high-durability characteristics of all FPT Industrial products. Moreover, a mock-up of the N67 can be found on display for all the motorheads in the crowd.
Turin, June 13 2018