IVECO Korea Launches New IVECO S-WAY Flagship Tractor

  • 25-MAY-2021



IVECO Korea officially launched today the new IVECO S-WAY heavy vehicle for on-road missions in the domestic market.

The IVECO S-WAY is the first vehicle in the new IVECO WAY heavy-duty range. It offers a complete package with driver-centric features designed to provide a sustainable transport solution.

The successor of IVECO Stralis, which won two “International Truck of the Year” in 2003 and 2013 since it was first launched in Europe in 2002, the IVECO S-WAY was completely redesigned and equipped with advanced technology. In its development phase, it has undergone more than 100,000 hours of digital simulations and 4 million kilometres of test-drives over three years to ensure its high quality and performance. This new long-haul truck introduces significant improvements in performance, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and durability.

Recognized by its functionality and ergonomic design identity, that was newly developed by putting a top priority on the driver’s need, IVECO S-WAY has won the prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD 2020 in the Automobiles/Vehicles Category of the Product Discipline.

The new IVECO S-WAY delivers an outstanding sustainable performance and further reductions in TCO, through low emissions and fuel efficiency. It also improves on-board living conditions and driving environment with a host of driver-centric features to offer an excellent driving experience and turn the vehicle into a “home away from home” for the driver.

“IVECO S-WAY is at the forefront of innovation, with its design entirely focused on the driver,” stated Jeongsik Choi, General Manager of IVECO Korea. “The IVECO S-WAY sets new standards in sustainability, on-board living and driving experience, and will significantly benefiting our customers’ profitability as well as their ability to compete for business.”

“The driver-centric design of the IVECO S-WAY put top priority on their needs, aiming to exceed the expectations of our customers in the on-road heavy vehicle segment,” said Michelangelo Amelia, business director of the IVECO brand in SEA & Japan. “IVECO S-WAY marks a milestone in our sustainability commitment and offers our customers a new way to driver their business in a sustainable direction.”

IVECO S-WAY: the sustainable truck

The company has taken every opportunity to deliver cost savings and productivity gains to the benefit of the owner’s profitability. The IVECO S-WAY provides a complete package of features without equal, developed with a focus on the driver, sustainability and TCO.

The entirely new cab features the front grill with high radius corners that IVECO has been introducing as a new element of its design DNA across the product portfolio. Every detail of the cab exterior has been studied with care to minimise air resistance. The new roof is perfectly integrated into the front end of the vehicle, presenting a flat surface that minimises drag. The front grille with high radius corners and side fins, the integrated headlights, the new bumper design with integrated deflectors, together with the new design of the wheel arches, create flowing lines that optimise air flow. All these elements on new cab design reduce drag coefficient by 12%, increasing the vehicle’s excellent fuel efficiency by up to 4% compared to the previous model.

Additional significant savings derive from the integrated parking cooler, which brings a double benefit in that it not only is more energy-efficient than a dealer-installed kit alternative, but it also has no impact on the vehicle’s aerodynamic performance.

Design elements also contribute to the IVECO S-WAY’s low TCO: the new three-piece bumper, which in the event of damage only requires replacement of the affected piece instead of the whole bumper. According to IVECO’s statistics, this will benefit fleets in the vast majority of cases, resulting in considerably lower repair costs.

Moreover, with its highly efficient engines that comply with Euro VI D emissions standards, IVECO S-WAY is true to the reputation the brand has gained for the top performance of its heavy vehicles in every mission.

It offers a choice of two engines: the 11.0-litre heavy-duty Cursor diesel engine with 460hp or 13.0-litre heavy-duty Cursor diesel engine that delivers 510 or 570hp – all suitable for long haulage. The class-leading power engine is combined with the 12-speed HI-TRONIX automated transmission with electronic clutch, which offers best-in-class torque-to-weight ratio and long transmission oil change intervals.

The IVECO S-WAY builds on the outstanding sustainable performance of the brand’s heavy line, achieving further reductions in PM, NOx and CO2 emissions. True to its heritage, it combines low TCO with low emissions. This is achieved with the exclusive HI-SCR after-treatment system and through the exceptional fuel efficiency resulting from the advanced engine technology and fuel-saving devices such as the Smart Engine Auxiliaries which prevent energy waste when their operation is not necessary.

IVECO WAY Range: the “customer-centric” way

The driver-centric design of the new cabin provides first-rate living and working conditions with a spacious environment, and a well-planned layout that combines functionality with comfort.

The redesigned roof and lower engine tunnel provide a comfortable standing height of up to 2.15 meters in the center of the cabin allowing easy in-cab movements in standing position. In addition, the upper longitudinal usable space is 35 cm wider than in the previous model, providing easier access to the upper bed and compartments. The electric openable roof hatch, designed 20% wider than in the previous model, provides even more brightness and openness to the driver.

IVECO S-WAY features unrivalled modularity with the redesigned upper shelf offering a 250 liters storage capacity, which has been increased by 15% compared to the Stralis. It is further complemented by the cavernous outer boxes, which can be specified both on the driver and passenger side for a massive capacity of up to 375 liters.

The IVECO S-WAY cab has also been designed to optimize on-board living conditions even when resting or sleeping overnight. The symmetrical layout of the night area with T-shaped lower bunk featuring an 80cm-wide and 14cm-thick mattress has a bed module at the center of the rear wall, which puts within easy reach all the controls the driver may need – from heating, cooling and lighting to the radio and door lock. In addition to the conveniently located individual switches, a rotary control positioned on the upper shelf above the driver operates the entire lighting system. The driver set lighting system to match the type of use: driving mode, which provides the perfect lighting for a long journey, to ambient mode, providing a comfortable lighting for resting and relaxing.

IVECO S-WAY: the IVECO heavy truck for the ultimate driving experience

The design of the new cab was guided by the driver’s needs, starting with their ideal driving position. The base of the adjustable seat was lowered to increase stroke range, providing all drivers with a comfortable position and optimal visibility.

Key function controls are within easy reach of the driver, making it convenient for them to operate the vehicle comfortably and efficiently. The flat base multifunctional steering wheel puts a wide range of 22 controls including the Assisted Driving Systems at their fingertips. In addition to the D-shaped steering wheel, the new Start/Stop engine button and the slot for the electronic key with integrated remote control also conveniently placed on the dashboard near the DNR area, leaving more leg room adding to the overall comfort.

The dashboard and central stack have been redesigned to improve operating comfort and efficiency with a new layout and greatly increased functionalities. The 7-inch capacitive touchscreen provides access to the new infotainment system which enables the driver to bring their digital life on board with phone mirroring using Apple Car Play.

The IVECO S-WAY introduced a complete range of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that enable the driver to focus on the job, which requires an increasing degree of multitasking, and improve their safety. It includes Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS). Moreover, the new LED lights improve visibility and obstacle perception by 15% even in low-light conditions, and optimized side mirrors placing a wide angle at the bottom with no intermediate pillars dramatically reduce the blind spot area, increasing overall safety.

IVECO Korea has 12 sales agents with 4 exclusive IVECO showrooms and 20 authorized workshops for providing high-quality services to customers. The company also plans to expand its sales and service network in the local market in order to provide efficient technical support through a well-organized after-sales service program.

Gwangju, May 25, 2021