• 09-OCT-2018

IVECO launches Australian-built Euro 6 Stralis X-Way range



IVECO is launching its new Euro 6-rated Stralis X-Way range, providing transport operators with a selection of models that produce fewer emissions, consume less fuel and are equipped with an extensive array of new safety features.

It’s a completely new range specifically developed for vocational and construction applications, providing the ‘PERFECT CROSSING’ for on-road work that also requires a level of off-road mobility.

The Stralis X-WAY also delivers outstanding total cost of ownership and features the best of IVECO’s fuel efficiency and on-road technologies, including its patented Hi-SCR technology that requires no parked regeneration.

The range comprises the 6x4 AD/AT and 6x4 AS prime mover models as well as 6x4 AD/AT, 8x4 AD/AT and 8x4 AS rigids. The prime movers feature GVMs of 25 tonnes and GCMs of 45 tonnes while the rigids range between 25 and 30 tonnes GVM and 40 to 45 tonnes GCM (higher GCMs are available across all models on application).

All prime mover models are equipped with rear 8 bag Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS) and front parabolic springs. Rigid variants use the same rear suspension plus there’s front ECAS suspension on the 8x4 models (6x4 AD/AT has a mechanical rear suspension option and standard front parabolic).

Cabin options include a ‘Day’, ‘Sleeper’ and ‘Active Space Sleeper’ for prime movers and rigid models while wheelbase options are 3900 and 4200mm for the prime movers and 5720, 5800, 6300 and 6500mm depending on the rigid model selected. 

The Stralis X-Way range will be built in Australia at IVECO’s Dandenong manufacturing facility alongside current generation Euro 5 Stralis AS-L models, the ACCO and the Delta and Graduate bus chassis.

The Stralis X-Way project marks the culmination of a four year engineering program between IVECO Australia and IVECO’s global engineering centre, resulting in models that combine extensive local development with the latest innovative technologies from Europe. The new models have undergone extensive on-road testing in Australia and in Europe over a three year period with outstanding results.

Cleaner, more efficient driveline

At the heart of the vehicles are new IVECO Cursor 9, 11 and 13 common rail engines with additional power and torque. Outputs range from 310 hp and 1300 Nm for the entry level Cursor 9 to 510 hp and 2300 Nm for the Cursor 13.

The IVECO Cursor 11 and 13 engines benefit from a new turbocharger that provide immediate response at low engine speeds and superior engine braking.

Common upgrades across the engine family include new rings and re-profiled pistons with lower tangential load to reduce engine friction. The engines also feature new high pressure (up to 2200 bar) fuel injectors that provide multiple injection better fuel dosing and injection timing for more efficient operation.

The engines meet stringent Euro 6 emissions levels through the use of IVECO’s unique Hi-eSCR system as featured in the latest Eurocargo launched in Australia last year.

Hi-eSCR is a single after-treatment system featuring passive DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) – DPF regeneration does not require driver intervention. Other benefits of the technology is that it’s uncomplicated and efficient, providing many advantages compared to EGR and SCR equivalents, including reduced fuel consumption and a lower tare weight.

Complementing the engine range is IVECO’s new HiTroniX automated transmission, a 12-speed, direct drive unit that delivers fast gear changes and also has the ability to more efficiently select the correct ratio for the conditions.

As well as delivering more efficient vehicle performance, the HiTroniX can achieve an extended life (up to 80 per cent) compared to other AMTs, for durability of up to 1.6 million kilometres leading to lower vehicle cost of ownership.

For greater flexibility across a range of applications, the HitroniX is equipped with ‘Rocking’ and ‘Creeping’ modes as well as four reverse gears.

When Rocking mode is engaged, the clutch is disengaged by simply releasing the accelerator pedal (the vehicle rolls back) and re-engages when the accelerator is pressed again, in order to recover traction in slippery conditions.

With Creeping mode selected, the vehicle moves forward at minimum speed simply by releasing the service brake pedal – this is a useful feature allowing for precise, low speed maneuvering.

Also aiding maneuverability particularly when coupling or reversing trailers are the unit’s four reverse gears, two of which provide the operator with more speed when reversing in open spaces.

Another important characteristic of the new transmission is its quiet operation, which is 6dB less than the previous Eurotronic – this makes the Stralis X-Way better suited to applications where vehicles are travelling in urban environments late in the evening or early morning. An added bonus is a quieter operating environment for the driver.

Fuel saving features

Aside from finance repayments, the cost of fuel is the largest expense in keeping a commercial vehicle on the road – the Stralis X-Way addresses this by introducing a range of fuel-saving measures, these include ‘Ecoswitch’, ‘Auto Only Mode’, ‘Ecoroll’, ‘Gap Setting’ (a function of the Adaptive Cruise Control) and engine anti-idling.

When Ecoswitch is engaged, the speed limiter is set to the default mode of 95 kilometres per hour, the engine’s torque is also automatically adjusted depending on the vehicle load and the kick-down function is disabled. 

Auto Only Model disengages the ‘Semi Auto’ mode that allows the driver to manually choose gear changes and instead allows the HitroniX to automatically select the most fuel efficient gear for the terrain and according to the truck’s payload.

One of the new innovations of the HitroniX transmission is Ecoroll, a feature that disengages the driveline to use vehicle inertia when facing a moderate slope. This helps retain the truck’s kinetic energy for longer and can even slightly increase it by reducing the engine drag torque.

Any input from the driver during Ecoroll (pressing accelerator, brake, changing to manual mode etc), results in termination of the rolling function. Ecoroll is only operational between 50 and 92 kilometres per hour.

Working with the Stralis X-Way’s Adaptive Cruise Control (explained further below), Gap Setting allows for a speed (+ or - ) variance versus the cruise control set speed, letting the truck operate within these broader parameters to exploit the vehicle’s inertia and momentum. 

The fuel saving potential is dependent on this gap setting with a recommended value of +5/-5 kilometres per hour yielding the best results – potentially a five per cent fuel saving is achievable depending on the application.

Fuel saving is also possible by using the Stralis X-Way’s Driving Style Evaluation (DSE) software as part of the IVECONNECT multi-media system.

DSE aims to improve the operator’s driving style by giving feedback and making recommendations. The system provides two types of feedback: indexes that evaluate real-time driving behaviours and pop-ups that provide real-time driving hints.

The indexes are displayed on the dashboard mounted IVECONNECT screen while the pop-ups are shown on both the IVECONNECT screen and on the instrument cluster.

The fifth of the model’s fuel saving measures is an Anti-idling function that automatically cuts the engine after five minutes of continuous idling, this feature alone is estimated to reduce fuel consumption by up to 0.5 per cent. Thirty seconds prior to the engine switching off, an audible warning buzzer will activate to warn the operator.

If the vehicle is engaged in an application that does require it to remain idling for extended periods, the function can be disabled at the dealership via the Customer Service Tool. 

Advanced safety

Along with its environmental performance and renewed efficiency, another critical area where the new Stralis X-Way will be amongst the heavy segment leaders is in the area of safety.

Standard equipment on all prime mover and rigid models is an Electronic Braking System (EBS) with Brake Assistance System (BAS), Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Hill Holder, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS), and daytime running lights. Prime mover models also feature a standard extended catwalk allowing for safer access to the back of cabin area to connect air hoses or conduct maintenance.

Optional safety equipment includes a hydraulic retarder, Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Driver Attention Support (DAS), Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) and Bi-Xenon headlamps. 

Long renowned in the industry for its quiet, comfortable and well-appointed cabin, the Stralis X-Way cements this reputation by introducing all the benefits of the Model Year 16 Stralis cabin from Europe.

The improvements include a new instrument cluster design, IVECONNECT multimedia system, revised steering wheel-mounted quick menu controls plus all the features you would come to expect in an IVECO such as climate control system, leather appointed and air suspended seats, ample storage areas and superior cabin ergonomics. 

A new central locking remote control also provides a check lights function which allows the driver to check all of the exterior lights without relying on assistance from another person.

The new Stralis X-Way range is backed by a 2 year / 500,000 kilometre standard warranty.

Marco Quaranta, IVECO ANZ Product Manager, states: 

“The release of the Stralis X-Way will significantly strengthen IVECO’s heavy market product offerings in Australia, opening the brand for consideration by a whole range of new customers,” he said.

“The launch of this new model will provide IVECO with greater coverage in some existing market segments while also allowing us to compete in several new applications where our previous trucks may not have had the ideal specifications.

“The addition of a Euro 6 8x4 at 460 hp with extensive safety equipment will see IVECO build sales in general freight applications, as will a smaller Euro6 6x4 rigid at 360 hp. We also see the revised model mix doing well in single trailer applications as well as in vocational work.

“More broadly, the combination of cleaner, more efficient Euro 6-rated engines, the clever new HitroniX transmission and a full suite of advanced safety equipment, will appeal to government fleets and safety and environmentally conscious companies,” Mr Quaranta added.

Australia, October 9, 2018