• 08-NOV-2019

IVECO launches the New Daily and showcases intelligent customization at CIIE 2019


IVECO is taking part in the China International Import Expo (CIIE), unveiling the NEW DAILY and previewing the DAILY 4X4 for the Asian markets. Three vehicles customized for different applications are also on display, highlighting its world-class capabilities for commercial vehicle transformation.
“Smart, All-round and Exclusive Mobile Space,” this is the theme that IVECO communicates with its display at the 2nd China International Import Expo (CIIE). The brand is highlighting the latest additions to its offering for the Asian markets, the NEW DAILY and the DAILY 4X4, and showcasing its intelligent customization of commercial vehicles for a variety of missions.
Mr. Tommaso Croce, Business Director of IVECO China, stated: “IVECO’s goal is to be the most valuable and sustainable partner for our customers. Our customer-centric approach results in an offering that meets their operational and business requirements with vehicles that include the New Daily, which will change your business perspective with its innovative features, with our high capacity for customizations adapted to a variety of usage scenarios, and with our services.” 
Intelligent customization for a wide variety of missions
IVECO’s stand is designed to showcase the brand’s capacity for customization with four areas, each dedicated to a different scenario: Life, Work, Entertainment and Public Welfare. In the Life scenario area is the C-type Recreational Vehicle (RV), a mobile home customization based on the IVECO Daily Type II chassis. In the Work scenario area is a high-end mobile office customization based on an IVECO van to meet business travel and office requirements. The Daily 4X4 is previewed for Asian markets in the Entertainment scenario area: this fully automatic, all-terrain, robust, off-road vehicle can be customized for a variety of uses, from outdoor adventure vehicle and off-road RV, to rescue or outdoor work. In the Public Welfare scenario area is the IVECO Eurocargo, custom fitted as a foam fire truck for urban rapid emergency fire control missions.
New Daily: a new vehicle that will change your business perspective
The protagonist on the stand is the New Daily, in its first public appearance in Asia. This vehicle sets new standards in on-board living and driving experience and makes important strides towards autonomous driving and enhanced safety features. 
The New Daily builds on the strengths of this heritage to deliver on performance and sustainability, which come hand in hand with fuel efficiency and low Total Cost of Ownership, benefiting the customers’ profitability. The New Daily will also change the everyday life of the driver with all the stress-busting, safety-boosting technologies, and the best-in-class on board living and driving experience, giving them a new perspective on their work.
The ADAS introduced in the New Daily enable the driver to focus on the job, which requires an increasing degree of multitasking, and improve their safety. The Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) and City Brake PRO prevents collisions at speeds below 50 km/h, and mitigates the impact at higher speeds. It autonomously detects the potential for a collision ahead and brakes accordingly if the driver doesn’t intervene, ensuring their safety. The City Brake PRO goes even further, operating to prevent accidents when driving as slowly as 5 km/h. In urban missions, where customers often drive in heavy traffic, Queue Assist will make a big difference by following the vehicle ahead in slow-moving queues up to a standstill, eliminating the stress of stop-start traffic – and the New Daily is the first 7.2-tonne vehicle to offer the Queue Assist and City Brake PRO functionalities. In addition, Adaptive Cruise Control, in combination with the Queue Assist, maintains the set speed and safety distance from the vehicle ahead, while ProActive Lane Keeping Assist prevents the vehicle from involuntarily drifting out of the lane with an active steering support. In case of lateral wind gusts, Crosswind Assist helps the driver to maintain the vehicle’s stability in the lane. 
The New Daily reduces fatigue and improves productivity with the Electric Parking Brake, which automatically engages when the vehicle is parked and disengages when the driver is ready to drive away. City Mode increases the power steering assistance, reducing the effort to turn the wheel by up to 70%, making it easy to manoeuvre in city streets. It also helps the driver in challenging driving conditions with features such as Hill Descent Control, which helps them drive downhill slowly and safely on long, steep slopes, and Traction Plus, which keeps a firm grip on slippery surfaces, such as sand, mud or snow. The New Daily is the first vehicle in its class to offer these two features on Rear Wheel Drive models.
Features that will enhance the driver’s life on board is the new instrument cluster with a TFT high-resolution colour display that provides a very user-friendly, intuitive interface with the all vehicle’s key settings and functionalities.
Standard models for the Chinese market are equipped with a 3.0-liter F1C engine that delivers a maximum output of 180 horsepower and torque up to 430 Nm, and meets GBVI emission standards. It features IVECO’s Hi-Matic eight-speed automatic transmission that ensures absolute driving pleasure even in urban congested, narrow streets.
The design of the Daily has become part of its strong identity, and makes this vehicle instantly recognizable. In the New Daily, every element of design also has a clear purpose: from the new lightweight alloy wheels that contribute to optimizing the payload, to the LED lights for life that improve safety and reduce costs, as they don’t need changing for the entire lifespan of the vehicle. The new front grille has been extended to increase ventilation while protecting the engine and radiator. It is also extremely tough and durable as a result of the hot stamping process used to produce it. Design elements also contribute to the New Daily’s low TCO: the new bumper is divided in 3 sections, so that in a small accident, which tend to be more frequent in urban missions, only the damaged piece needs to be replaced instead of the whole bumper.
The New Daily is the outcome of a product development project that has been the focus of the plant’s Engineering and Manufacturing teams for the past 3 years, and has entailed more than 900,000 engineering hours, 800 virtual and physical tests, 200 prototypes, and more than 3.5 million of kilometers of durability and reliability testing, a further step forward in quality product behavior.
New Daily 4X4 Preview
IVECO is also showing the New Daily 4X4 in an advance preview for Asian markets. This rugged, comfortable all-round vehicle is powered by a 3.0-liter engine with a maximum output of 180 horsepower. It has a full time four-wheel drive and a choice of manual or Hi-Matic eight-speed automatic transmission. It is available in 3.5t, 5.5t and 7t versions. The New Daily 4x4 takes off-road and water wading ability, load capacity and modification ability to a new level. As a high-end light off-road modification platform, it has been widely used in exploration, rescue, RV and outdoor operations missions among others.
Special Vehicle Creative Contest
During the CIIE, IVECO China and the Special Vehicle Research Institute and media, jointly launched the “Special Vehicle Creative Contest”. The contest calls for the submission of designs for special vehicle customizations for specific missions in Life or Work scenarios, with the aim of providing a platform to support the Chinese creative resources in special vehicle design.
Shanghai, November 2019