• 26-JAN-2018

IVECO New China Daily wins first “Van of the Year China” award


The “New China Daily” was crowned “Van of the Year China 2018” for its exceptional quality and performance, following rigorous testing and a visit to the NAVECO Qiaolin Plant where it is manufactured for the Chinese and Asian markets

The IVECO “New China Daily”, Born the Best, was voted Van of the Year China 2018 by a panel of senior commercial vehicle journalists, industry users and third-party testing organizations. Junhu Yang, General Manager NAVECO and Federico Bullo, Vice President IVECO APAC, received the award at a ceremony held in Beijing on January 14 in the presence of Yu Jing, President of Commercial Vehicle magazine and Chairman of the Van of the Year China Jury and other representatives of mainstream media and industry experts.

Pierre Lahutte, IVECO Brand President, commented: “We are very proud of this prestigious title that has come to enrich the Daily’s trophy cabinet. The Daily has reaped awards across the world, and in particular has received recognition from the International Van of the Year jury several times, including the 2015 title and most recently with the 2018 award for the sustainable “Daily Blue Power” range. This latest award is testament to how well the “New China Daily” meets the needs of our customers in this country for increasingly professionally and technologically advanced vehicles, offering the highest standards in quality, fuel consumption, safety, handling, comfort and connectivity.

Yu Jing, Chairman of the Van of the Year China jury said: “We sincerely hope that through this activity, we will trustfully assess the standards of van vehicles in China, promoting technology and performance to provide Chinese users with smarter, safer, more comfortable and more economically sustainable solutions”.

Manufactured by NAVECO (IVECO’s joint venture in China) in the new world-class plant in Qiaolin (Nanjing), the “New China Daily” is inspired by the “New Daily” produced in Europe and winner of the prestigious “International Van of the Year 2015" award. The vehicle is tailor-made for the needs of Chinese and Asian customers and brings the Chinese light commercial vehicles to a new dimension, where carrying capabilities, fuel economy and safety are coupled with excellent maneuverability, up to date connectivity and modern looks.

The "New China Daily” covers efficiently the needs of all customer missions, from goods and people transport to special applications. This extreme versatility and flexibility is possible thanks to the completely new vehicle architecture with 4 different chassis and 27 types of body that preserve IVECO’s exclusive body-on-frame structure.

The brand new 7-ton version has the strength to carry a bigger payload than any 7.5-ton medium range vehicle and the line-up includes also an ample 16.7 cubic-meter version, unique among its competitors.

The “New China Daily” features the latest powertrain system in Europe using the F1 engine family, (2.3 l and 3.0 l), which, together with smart energy-saving features and improved aerodynamics, optimize the trade-off between fuel consumption and performance.

The “New China Daily” also stands out for the high standards of comfort and safety. The car-like drive position and the completely redesigned dashboard provide improved ergonomics, for a comfortable and safe drive. To safety also contribute the new front and rear suspensions of latest European technology, which allow the vehicle to have a predictable and intuitive dynamic behavior on road.

The Van of the Year China jury based their evaluation on the International Van of the Year standard test system and carried out a three-day dynamic and static assessment of the vehicle. This included projections of 0-to-100 km/h start and shift acceleration, 60 km/h acceleration, dry road emergency brake and vehicle noise test. Technological innovation, safety, comfort, handling, economy and versatility were also part of the assessment criteria.

The jurors also visited the brand new Qiaolin plant. This manufacturing complex was inaugurated in July 2017 and is one of the most advanced and environmental friendly commercial vehicles plants in the country. It follows the World Class Manufacturing standards, putting quality and sustainability at the heart of its operation and setting new ambitions for the Chinese automotive industry.

Collecting prestigious awards such as the “International Van of the Year 2015” for the “New Daily”, the “International Van of the Year 2018” for the “Daily Blue Power” dedicated to low emissions and sustainability and the “Van of the Year China 2018” for the “New China Daily”, IVECO demonstrates its strength in the LCV segment with a broad offering that satisfies a vast field of missions across all markets.

Nanjing, January 2018


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