• 28-APR-2015

Iveco Previews New Daily Van and Stralis Truck in Malaysia


Iveco previews to the press its New Daily, Van of the Year 2015, and Stralis, Truck of the Year 2013, which will be available to Malaysian customers in the course of 2015.

Iveco and its exclusive distributor in Malaysia Federal Auto Trucks Sdn Bhd (F.A. Trucks), preview to the press the New Daily light commercial vehicle and the Stralis heavy-duty truck. From the 14th to the 16th of May, both vehicles will be shown to the public at the Malaysia International Bus, Trucks & Components Expo 2015 (MIBTC 2015) in Kuala Lumpur, and will become available for sale to Malaysian customers later this year.

The New Daily – Van of the Year 2015
Robust, incredibly light, comfortable and easy to handle, the Daily has been known and appreciated for its superior strength and durability since its very first unit left the assembly line 1978. The New Daily has been entirely redesigned to deliver the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, offering one of the best solutions in terms of load productivity, comfort, drivability and fuel efficiency. Its outstanding qualities were recognized with the title of International Van of the Year 2015 at the 65th edition of the Hanover International Motor Show, the most important commercial and industrial vehicle show in Europe. According to the Jury panel, the van “made the greatest contribution to the standards of efficiency and the sustainability of transport of goods by road with respect to environment and safety of people”. And, in the words of Jarlath Sweeney, Chairman International Van of the Year: “In the most competitive year ever, the New Iveco Daily was the number one choice of the 23 members of the jury, representing the top commercial vehicle publications across Europe and Russia”.

Strong like a truck, drives like a car
The redesigned new Daily keeps the classic ladder frame chassis structure that has long been a key element of its DNA, and gives its chassis cab versions the strength, durability, versatility, and extreme bodybuilding flexibility that are the hallmark of this well-known range. With 80% of components redesigned, the new architecture raises the performance of the Daily to best-in-class levels in the single-wheel van segment, so that it now offers the drivability and comfort of a car together with the best load carrying capacity and efficiency in its category.

Comfort: a car-like driving experience
Drivers of the New Daily will enjoy an exceptionally comfortable and quiet interior compartment, where they will find the driving position and environment typical of a premium automobile, as well as a multitude of closed and open storage compartments. The ample continuous glazed surface offers exceptionally clear all-round visibility. The ergonomic design of the controls is top notch, the sound insulation has been improved, the air conditioning system is more efficient and driving comfort is excellent in all load conditions.

New Daily van and chassis cab models: The most versatile vehicle in its class
The New Daily improves all performance areas of single-wheel vans, raising it to the highest level in the market. The load carrying efficiency has been optimized through the improved balance between the vehicle’s main dimensional elements: wheelbase, total length and useful length. The new Daily van is offered to Malaysia in the wheelbase version of 3,520 mm, with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 3.5 tonnes, while the range of chassis cab model is presented in the wheelbase version of 3450 mm, with GVW up to 5 tonnes. Both Daily van and chassis cab models are powered by the Iveco 3.0-liter F1C engine (146 hp). The new architecture, with longer wheelbase and reduced rear overhang, provides excellent handling without compromising the Daily’s extreme agility in confined spaces.

Further, the 10.8 m3 version offers the best handling and load efficiency (an indicator that measures the ratio between the length of the load compartment and the total length of the vehicle).

The New Daily is the most versatile vehicle in its class with two distinct architectures to optimize volumes, and two different wheelbases for the van and the chassis cab to improve dynamic handling.

The New Daily is the perfect balance between cutting-edge innovation and the continued evolution of the Daily’s strong heritage, impressing with a solid and professional solution to the needs of the most demanding customers. With its extraordinary features the Daily is the vehicle of choice for transport professionals, for distribution and all applications requiring large volumes, excellent performance and durability under pressure.

The Stralis - Truck of the Year 2013
Featuring numerous developments in terms of design, style, technology and productivity, the new Iveco Stralis, which was launched for the first time in 2002, is today the flagship model of the Iveco heavy duty on-road vehicles. Conceived for long distance missions, the truck has confirmed itself as an unbeatable working partner, making “the greatest contribution to road transport efficiency from several different perspectives including fuel economy; safety; drivability; comfort and a low-environmental footprint”, as declared by the panel jury at the 2012 Hanover Auto Show (IAA 2012), who named the new Stralis Truck of the Year 2013.

Aerodynamics, Comfort & Ergonomics
The research of aerodynamic fuel saving solutions have been hand in hand with a series of striking design concepts, a unique blend of form and function which bestow on the new Stralis an unmistakable style. The range unveiled to the Malaysian market offers a cab in the Hi-Road version. The quality of the materials and the wealth of fittings and equipment place this cab at the top of its class. The improved aerodynamic also helps to make the cab quieter. Indeed, the sound insulation of the cab, already amongst the most efficient on the market, has been improved to reduce internal noise. From the dashboard, completely redesigned to be more ergonomic and functional, to the controls, which have been repositioned around it, the use of space is extremely well organized.

Designed around the driver, every feature of this cab is conceived to improve the quality of life on board to guarantee an excellent working environment, which maximizes productivity in all missions.

Efficiency and safety
The truck, presented in the on-road version (4x2, 6x2, 6x4) with a gross combined weight (GCW) of up to 44 tonnes, is equipped with the Iveco cursor 10 engine, which is a 10.3-litre, 6-cylinder in-line engine with a power rating of 430 hp. This engine combines low fuel consumption with excellent performance and delivers maximum torque at very low engine speeds. The flexibility resulting from the reduced number of gear changes translates into higher efficiency and lower fuel consumption. The engine is equipped with a decompression engine brake, which ensures additional safety and helps reduce braking system wear and maintenance costs.

Reliability and Safety
The New Stralis engine can be combined with 16 speed manual or 12 speed automated gearboxes. The wide range of available axle drive ratios makes it possible to choose the best solution for the type of transport: longer ratios for motorway travel and shorter ratios for more demanding missions where greater traction is required (such as on mountain roads). The frames on the new Stralis are manufactured with rolled steel double-bottleneck side members, with C-section.

The truck is adaptable to all kinds of use thanks to its wide range of available mechanical and air suspension systems. In addition, the driver of a new Stralis can rely on an efficient and reliable braking system. With the EBS, which now has the Brake Assistant function for even more rapid and effective braking, the new Stralis ensures a safe driving and makes work more relaxing and productive.

Thanks to great reliability, high residual value and efficient customer service, life cycle running costs of a Stralis are currently second to none. The high components durability makes this vehicle a valuable investment for owners oriented to a total cost of ownership approach. The new Stralis is surely Iveco’s answer to the needs of today’s professional transport businesses for the most demanding missions.

Kuala Lumpur, 28th April, 2015


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