• 18-MAR-2019

IVECO showcases Daily Recreational Vehicle at the 2019 China Beijing International Recreational Vehicle and Camping Exhibition


IVECO unveiled its new intelligent Daily Recreational Vehicle (RV) at the 18th China Beijing International RV and Camping Exhibition, and displayed more than twenty imported IVECO Daily RVs, which have quickly become a highlight of the exhibition.

Built by IVECO distributor and bodybuilder Yutong RV based on the New Daily 4.5 t chassis, the new model features IVECO’s Hi-Matic 8-speed automatic transmission coupled with IVECO 3.0-litre engine. The new model stands out for its sleek and stylish design and cutting-edge technology. It is equipped with full intelligent controls, which include remote temperature and ventilation control, lighting, one-button parking and a host of smart functions.

Intelligent vehicles have become increasingly widespread in the RV market, and ‘intelligentization’ is today one of the major areas of focus in the domestic RV industry. Yutong RV has developed its own solution: an intelligent platform for the vehicles control that integrates a variety of sensors for a 360° monitoring inside and outside the cabin, such as human body temperature, cab humidity, as well as emission of Carbon Monoxide and Particulate Matter. This solution enables one-click scene control, self-decision intelligent control, data visualization, one-click navigation, streaming rearview mirrors and other functions. The new IVECO Daily Hi-Matic RV also features an APP that allows users to monitor the vehicle’s performance and status, anytime and anywhere.

Lu Peng, Deputy Manager of Yutong Special Vehicle stated: “Empowered by cutting-edge science and technology and supported by data analysis, Yutong is improving the customers’ all-round experience and will continually collaborate with IVECO to be the benchmark in the RV market.”

In the era of intelligent technology, the new IVECO Daily Hi-Matic intelligent RV offers the possibility of a healthy lifestyle with plenty of enjoyment. It creates a bridge between users and vehicles, maximizing convenience and efficiency to allow users to enjoy the fun of travelling to the fullest.

Beijing (China), March 12, 2019