• 26-JUN-2018

More than meets the eye to Stamcor Logistics’ new IVECO Eurocargo

There’s no mistaking George Stamatakis’ new IVECO Eurocargo – as well as heavily ticking the option boxes on the cab chassis, George has customised his truck with a unique body and range of accessories to deliver functionality and an increased road presence.

Based in Sydney and delivering papers to newsagents on a number of different routes around the greater Sydney area, the ML160 features a custom polished alloy bull bar, sun visor, chrome mirrors and fuel tank, and is equipped with an 8.8 metre tray body resplendent with L.E.D lights.

The body gate system and cabin have also been given a custom touch with Transformers-inspired livery, paying homage to George’s childhood interest in the pop culture icons and providing a buzz for his eight-year-old son, Xavier, who will sometimes ride alongside dad on school holidays.

When not delivering newspapers, the Eurocargo transforms into a general freight workhorse allowing George the flexibility to delivery construction products and occasionally, parts for the mining industry.

George said that after owning four Japanese trucks, it was time to step-up and enjoy the extra comfort and safety appointments that a quality European truck provided.

“You can’t go past the comfort of the new Eurocargo, the four airbag rear suspension really smooths out the bumps and the cabin just feels like it floats over bad roads,” he said.

“When you hit a pothole in my old truck you really knew about it, the Eurocargo provides a far superior ride.

“There’s also a lot more room in the cabin, I can stand-up straight inside which means that if I’ve slept in the truck I don’t need to get out of the cabin to stretch my legs.”

The latest Eurocargo is extensively equipped with active and passive safety features and George has already called on some of these throughout the course of his deliveries, in particular the Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS).

Using a bumper-mounted radar this system measures the distance to the obstacle in front and calculates the time remaining to take action before a potential collision, an audible double warning double warning is triggered before the brakes are automatically applied.

“The way many people drive these days, particularly cutting-in in front of trucks where there’s not a lot of space or approaching traffic lights, it’s a great feature of the truck and one that I’ve used already on a couple of occasions,” George said.

“The Adaptive Cruise Control is also handy especially out on the open road.”

When delivering newspapers the Eurocargo is operating comfortably below its maximum GVM but when hauling architectural cladding, the truck is close to its 16 tonne limit, but this doesn’t dent the IVECO’s performance, according to George.

The truck features the new IVECO Tector 7 engine producing 280 horsepower and 1,000 Nm of torque and is matched to a ZF 9-speed manual transmission.

“Even when fully loaded with payload of 7.8 tonnes, the truck performs effortlessly and it pulls up the hills easily,” he said.

“Sitting on 100 kilometres per hour, the revs are at 1,700 rpm and the engine is quiet and smooth.

“I’m looking forward to the next mining shut down I work on so that I get the chance to drive the Eurocargo all the way to Western Australia,” George said.

26 June, 2018