• 23-MAR-2017

Good things come to those who wait – new INTERNATIONAL® ProStar® model overview


Good things come to those who wait, and in the case of the local truck market those ‘good things’ are the new INTERNATIONAL® ProStar® models specifically developed for Australian buyers.

Shortly landing on our shores, the new ProStar® – to be distributed exclusively by Iveco Australia – will be available in day cab, extended cab with a fully ADR-compliant bunk, and integrated full size sleeper cab variants, and in a choice of five wheelbases.

The extended cab is ideal for operators who spend occasional time away from home base, while the integrated sleeper cab has been optimised for B-Double operators with full stand-up height as well as an optional roof fairing for superior aerodynamics when used with full height trailers.

The ProStar® models benefit from a short bumper to back of cab configuration, making them suitable for a variety of combinations – the day cab will fit in front of virtually any Australian trailer set. The ProStar® is also well suited for truck and dog work, for use as a 34 pallet B-double, 36 pallet B-double and even B-triple and two trailer road train work.

To ensure longevity and durability in demanding Australian conditions, the cab is constructed from high strength steel panels, zinc coated on both sides then fully dipped in e-coat primer, while the models also benefit from a high tensile steel chassis with 9.5mm thick side members and Huck-bolted cross members.

Cabin and chassis are integrated via a three-point cab suspension system providing for a comfortable ride with reduced noise, vibration and harshness.

All vehicles will be powered by the latest E5 Cummins X15 SCR engine producing 550 horsepower (410 kW) and 1850 lb. ft. (2,508 Nm) of torque. The engine, an evolution of the X15e5, is well proven in the local market and has been extensively tested here by INTERNATIONAL® in conjunction with Cummins.

This power plant has a number of innovative features to help reduce fuel consumption and also features high pressure injection and Cummins’ unique CES (Cummins Emissions Solutions) system to comfortably meet Euro5 emissions requirements.

Cooling for the models is taken care of via a high quality ‘Over and Under’ system with CAC above radiator and Horton Drivemaster air operated two-speed fan drive, ensuring optimum performance in hot Australian conditions.

Coupled to the engine is a choice of either an Eaton 18-speed manual which features an effortreducing air over hydraulic clutch providing excellent feel while reducing fatigue. A clever Eaton ‘UltraShift Plus’ 18-speed automated manual option is also available, providing drivers with an even more relaxed driving experience.

Power to the rear Meritor tandem axles is via a Dana SPL driveshaft and traction is aided by power divider lock and cross locks on both rear drive axles.

Up front, the models use Meritor MFS axles with aluminium alloy hubs for reduced tare weight while suspension is 3-leaf parabolic taperleaf with 6,500 kg capacity. Rear suspension comes courtesy of a Hendrickson Primaax-EX Air Tandem set-up with 20,900 kg capacity.

On the safety front, The ProStar® features ABS brakes with Automatic Traction Control; trucks specified with the UltraShift Plus transmission are also equipped with Hill Start Aid. All models come standard with a park brake warning alarm that sounds if the key is off and the driver’s door is opened without the park brake being applied.

The trucks are equipped with dual, polished aluminium fuel tanks with 720L total volume – alternative fuel tanks options are available to meet specific applications. The AdBlue tank is 90 litres.

The models of course feature front under-run protection and the cabins’ short swooping hood and wrap around windscreen greatly assists visibility. The vehicles also feature superior L.E.D headlamps with integrated daytime running lamps for added visibility during day or night.

Access to the ProStar® cabin is easy, the door openings are deliberately limited to 60°, this allows worry-free ingress and egress from the cabin in tight loading bays or at truck stops. The doors are also designed to take the full weight of the driver and passenger and can be leaned on during ingress and egress.

Inside the cabin, INTERNATIONAL® engineers have concentrated on delivering a working environment that delivers high functionality and ergonomic design. The cabin provides an optimum balance of size (width of 82” / 2085 mm) with a roomy interior while still feeling manoeuvrable behind the wheel.

Both driver and passenger receive leather, air-suspended seats while the curved dashboard with wing panel and instrument cluster feature an ‘automotive-look’ – most switches and controls are located within easy reach for the driver.

Overhead there is a console with storage space while day and extended cabs also boast extensive under-bunk storage with both internal and external access.

For tech-savvy operators, the ProStar’s standard audio system can be upgraded with an optional 6.1” touch screen multimedia system with navigation.

Iveco Australia and INTERNATIONAL® believe that there has been a niche in the Australian truck market for a vehicle such as the ProStar® for some time, paving the way for collaboration between the two brands.

INTERNATIONAL® Engineering Manager, Adrian Wright, says the ProStar® will hit the mark.

“The ProStar® offers a tried and proven formula that has been missing here for several years,” Mr Wright said.

“It’s an innovative and efficient truck in many ways but also has very solid and proven fundamentals that will appeal to local operators.

“The trucks have a proven drivetrain package and strong underpinnings to handle Australia’s tough geographic and climatic conditions. The commonality and widespread availability of its drivetrain componentry allows for easy serviceability and maintenance leading to reduced operating costs.

“When combined with the latest engine technology from Cummins and class-leading aerodynamics, you get the best of both worlds.

“Australians remain passionate about the INTERNATIONAL® brand at what it stands for: an efficient, tough, no-nonsense brand that gets the job done without fanfare – the new ProStar® will not let them down.”

The distribution arrangement between Iveco and INTERNATIONAL® also sees a return of the brand to its spiritual Australian home. The base for Iveco’s Australian operations since 1992 including its locally-assembled and manufactured models, the Dandenong, Melbourne facility was used by then International Harvester and later INTERNATIONAL® Trucks since the early

1950s with tens of thousands of INTERNATIONAL® trucks rolling off the production lines there over the decades.

23 March, 2017