• 28-APR-2015

Iveco Launches New 682 Heavy Duty Truck in Malaysia


Iveco enters the Malaysian market with the brand new 682 truck, an extremely powerful and solid vehicle, successfully tested in the toughest conditions to provide the ideal combination of comfort and ergonomics, safety, high quality and performance.

Iveco and its official distributor in Malaysia Federal Auto Trucks Sdn. Bhd. (F. A. Trucks) launch to the press the new Iveco 682 truck. The truck will be presented to the public at the Malaysia International Bus, Trucks & Components Expo 2015 [MIBTC 2015], which will be held in Kuala Lumpur from the 14th to the 16th of May.

The heavy-duty truck is the culmination of a long standing heritage that earned its predecessors in the Iveco family an unmatched reputation for robustness and reliability. It is designed to meet the requirements of all the extreme missions, on- and off-road. Originally inspired by the Fiat 682, which was the first truly versatile truck in production from 1952 to 1988, the Iveco 682 combines Iveco’s European technology with its Chinese manufacturing experience, offering the optimal solution in strength, cost efficiency and quality at the best price.

Relying on years of development experience that guarantee the highest level of quality standards, Iveco has reshaped the 682 truck design to meet the Malaysian market’s demands. The truck has been engineered to tackle a wide variety of specialized jobs, providing not only a complete range to its customers, but also the best adaptability for body builders.

Design: comfort and ergonomics
The Iveco 682 truck features a new cabin design based on the Iveco Stralis. This cab is extremely comfortable with ample internal space, a high roof, and a large windscreen for optimum visibility. The steering wheel is fully adjustable and all the controls can be easily identified and reached to ensure safe control of the vehicle at all times. Overall, every detail in the cabin interior, including the driver seat, the air conditioning unit, twelve storage boxes and the foldable upper bunk, is conceived to provide a unique combination of driving comfort, safety and the best ergonomics.

On and Off Road Cab
The Iveco 682 is currently offered in 4x2 (GCW 43 tonnes) and 6x4 (GCW 60 tonnes) variants for the tractor model, which is available in the on-road version, while the off road version is offered in 6x4 (GVW 33 tonnes) and 8x4 (GVW 41 tonnes) variants for the tipper and concrete mixer models.

The on-road variant is available both in Sleeper (high and low roof) and Day versions (low roof) with a maximum internal volume of 10 m³. The aerodynamic aspect has been developed to reduce the Cx factor, contributing to improve the performance in terms of fuel consumption.

The off-road variant is also available in both Day and Sleeper versions (low roof), with extremely easy access to the cabin thanks in part to its ergonomic entry steps. The distinctive steel bumper of the off-road version contributes to the robustness of the cabin.

The 682 is powered either by the Iveco cursor 9 or cursor 13 engine, which set a new standard of sturdiness and performance for customers. The cursor 9 is an 8.7-litre, six-cylinder in-line engine available in three different power ratings: 290 hp, 340 hp and 380 hp, while the cursor 13 is a 12.8- litre, six-cylinder in line engine available in two power ratings: 430 hp and 480 hp.

These engines, equipped with the latest generation common rail fuel injection system, guarantee maximum torque availability and top driving performance in all conditions. Moreover, the low engine weight contributes to reduce the kerb weight of the vehicle and, at the same time, it offers the most competitive standards in fuel economy and low maintenance costs.

Safety and Reliability
The truck is offered with a high tensile steel double neck chassis, which can be made heavy or extra heavy according to the customer’s needs and requests. The cabin has passed the ECE-R29-2 test, which together with the efficient braking system with ABS, demonstrates the highest level of safety and reliability for driver and passenger. The vehicle was successfully tested in the harsh driving conditions, demonstrating it is extremely powerful and solid: the ideal combination of comfort and ergonomics, safety, high quality and performance, which translates into greater stability.

Robustness and reliability are further enhanced by the reinforced suspension system, which is available in two different versions: parabolic spring for every mission requiring outstanding ease of use, and semielliptical spring for extra heavy and tipper missions.

After Sales Services
F.A. Trucks will strive to provide the best services to its 682 customers across the country. All its service centres carry Iveco Genuine Parts and are authorized to verify and process warranty claims. They are also equipped to provide repairs for minor and major accident damage as well as refinishing and touch-up. Thanks to the service network, customers will benefit from the Iveco Original Parts warranty in order to maintain the performance of their vehicle and their business at its best in the long term.

Kuala Lumpur, 28th April, 2015


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