• 17-APR-2019

IVECO Showcases Daily Recreational Vehicles and Daily Business Lounge at Auto Shanghai 2019


IVECO unveiled its new Daily Recreational Vehicle (RV) at the 18th Auto Shanghai exhibition, where it displayed five imported IVECO Daily RVs, a Daily Business Lounge and a Daily emergency telecommunications station, which have attracted the attention of the public.
The 18th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (Auto Shanghai 2019), one of the leading international automotive trade fairs, which provides a platform for manufacturers to present their most advanced technologies and latest vehicles, has kicked off on April 16, 2019 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center. IVECO, the leading commercial vehicle manufacturer from Europe, has collaborated with four body builders to present a line-up of IVECO New Daily vehicles: four recreational vehicles (RV) and a Business Lounge model. A favourite imported RV brand among Chinese families, IVECO is playing a significant role in the popularization of RVs. The brand is also leading the new trend of the business market with its Business Lounge vehicle offering.
Mr. Tommaso Croce, Business Director of IVECO China, stated: “As a high-end light commercial vehicle platform, the IVECO New Daily has become a favourite of body builders and consumers. We will continue to further enhance the collaboration with body builders by providing more technical support, hence promote the diversified development in outfitting market. We aspire to be the first brand of high-end RVs and commercial vehicles in China.”
Powerful Performance and Absolute Driving Pleasure
As the demand for RVs among Chinese families continues to rise, IVECO’s offering based on its imported chassis is becoming increasingly popular. The five modified vehicles IVECO is presenting at Auto Shanghai 2019 are based on four New Daily chassis: the 6.5t wide-axel chassis (65C17H), the 4.5t HI-MATIC chassis (45C17H), the 4x4 chassis (55C17HW) and the 3.55t rear single-tire chassis. The vehicles feature the F1A 3.0-litre engine and IVECO’s class exclusive HI-MATIC 8-speed automatic transmission that provides absolute driving pleasure. The air suspension system ensures superior comfort in long-distance journeys. The vehicles offer excellent panoramic views, while the wide expandable body provides luxurious comfort and excellent adaptability. The vehicle’s differential lock and high ground clearance make it ideal for a variety of road conditions. With the combination of comfort and intelligence, the New Daily offers a number of intelligent configurations, as well as optional auxiliary systems to ensure the comfort, ease and safety of drivers and passengers. In addition, it is the only light commercial vehicle with a total mass of 7 tons and a payload of more than 4000 kg on the current market. The Daily’s robustness, extreme versatility and performance make it the perfect partner for body builders to adapt them into high-end vehicles.
Five IVECO New Daily Vehicles Leading the Trend
Shanghai Weihao Automobile Service Co., Ltd. presented on the booth in 8.1H an all-new type-C RV based on the imported IVECO 6.5t wide-tire chassis. The model, featuring the Q12 Plus technology patented in Europe, makes it easy to increase the vehicle width from 2.2 meters to 3.4 meters in an industry-leading design that is a novelty in China. Weihao also showcased a model based on the imported IVECO 4x4 chassis which appeals to outdoors enthusiasts with its powerful off-roading performance.
Zhejiang Xingchi Automobile Co., Ltd. also displayed in 8.1H their all-new BOCHI PAYANI Double-Towing RV equipped with a multi-function steering wheel and user-friendly touchscreen. Its ingenious space arrangements turn the vehicle into a true mobile home on the road.
Jiangsu Jinghang Automobile Co., Ltd. has displayed in 3H their high-end product: the 591-III Type-C RV. The model features a special corrosion-resistant coating to easily cope with all weather conditions. The comfortable and stylish interior features imported E0-class eco-friendly panels. Multiple lithium-ion battery and solar power options ensure worry-free long journeys.
The New Daily Business Lounge from Speed Auto has also attracted the public’s attention at the stand in 6.1H. With a 170 hp and 400 Nm torque engine, together with the HI-MATIC gearbox.  The vehicle gives full play to the advantages in terms of huge space and absolute driving pleasure. The luxurious interior design and the rich configuration fully meet the needs of different applications, from mobile office and business reception to family travel.
IVECO Modified Vehicle Supporting the Onsite Mobile Communication
The IVECO New Daily is also widely used for highly specialised adaptations such as Telecommunications, Ambulance and Fire Fighting. At the exhibition, IVECO also displayed emergency telecommunication vehicles based on the New Daily 7t van. These vehicles are used as mobile base stations to ensure smooth wireless communication in situations such as large gatherings, earthquake relief, or blind spot coverage. The IVECO New Daily chassis is the best choice for 5G mobile signal base stations.
Shanghai, 16th April 2019