• 12-MAR-2019

IVECO supports Moscow Emergency Rescue Service safety training involving heavy-duty trucks


IVECO Russia conducted training sessions on the construction and layout of its modern trucks to aid  effective rescue operations in serious accidents involving heavy trucks. IVECO Russia provided a Stralis truck for the course, which was held at the base of Moscow Rescue Team №6. 

IVECO, a brand of CNH Industrial, designs and manufactures vehicles that are equipped to protect the driver and passengers, and contribute to safety on the road. Safety features on its vehicles include technological solutions for preventive, passive and active protection. However, road accidents do happen and, when they do, a professional and effective rescue operation is critical. For this reason, IVECO has supported the Moscow Emergency Rescue Service in a series of training sessions aimed at ensuring effective rescue operations in serious accidents involving heavy trucks.
IVECO technical experts showed rescuers the location of key components and elements of a truck and explained the vehicle’s peculiarities using the example of the latest IVECO Stralis model provided for the training session.
The course dedicated particular attention to the structure of the load-bearing elements of the cab, which can vary in different vehicles. The participants studied possible positions of the steering column after a frontal strike and how to move it out of the way in order to release a trapped driver. In addition, IVECO specialists showed the location of the cooling and air-conditioning systems, which have a bearing on the way of cutting the cab safely, avoiding the risk of sound damping materials catching fire, resulting in thermal and chemical burns. It is worth noting that IVECO only uses noncombustible materials for reducing noise in the cabins of its latest models.
The IVECO experts also showed the features of the truck’s basic systems, demonstrating to the participants how to disconnect the tow bar with the help of a special lever, the location of the main electrical wiring units, and explained the blackout methods.
The training session also demonstrated how to unlock the damaged rear axle brake mechanisms via an external source of compressed air and jacking points for lifting a vehicle. 
One of the most important topics of the course was the configuration of gas-powered vehicles, which are becoming increasingly widespread in Russia. IVECO offers CNG and LNG vehicles featuring the latest reliable and safe powertrain systems. Participants studied the characteristics of the gas cylinders and  the sealing processes. They learned how to shut them off in case of an accident, and algorithms for critical load testing.
“Safety is a core priority for IVECO. We will continue to support the Emergency Rescue Services, and in the near future we are planning to donate IVECO truck cabs to Moscow Rescue Team №6 for use as rescue simulators,”  said Roberto Camatta, IVECO Business Director in Russia and the Republic of Belarus. 
Moscow, March 2019