• 08-AUG-2018

IVECO takes the lead in supporting the development of LNG for transport in Turkey with the launch of the new Stralis NP460, a complete range of natural gas trucks for all missions


IVECO, a leader in alternative traction vehicles, takes the lead in supporting the development of LNG in transport in Turkey with the launch of the new Stralis NP 460, the most sustainable truck ever. With this vehicle, IVECO introduces the market to the only full range of natural gas heavy trucks with the latest-generation automated transmission designed to serve all missions that combines sustainability, performance, productivity and autonomy to perform the most demanding long-distance missions. 
The new Stralis NP 460, crowned Low Carbon Truck of the Year 2017, delivers PURE POWER, with a dramatic 99% reduction of Particulate Matter and 90% NO2 compared to Euro VI diesel trucks and, with bio-methane, also CO2 emissions are cut by 95%. It also slashes noise pollution, with its extremely quiet operation at less than 71 dB as proven by the Piek Quiet Truck certification. This revolutionary truck gives transport operators the competitive advantage of offering truly sustainable logistics.
IVECO has already delivered the first Stralis NP 460 to Shell Turkey: the 460-hp single-fuel truck with double LNG tanks has an autonomy range of up to 1,600 km and features IVECO’s best on-road fuel efficiency technologies and services to deliver up to 35% savings in fuel expenses compared to a diesel truck. It is the first pure LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) truck ever sold in Turkey.

IVECO held the Turkish launch of the new Stralis NP 460 today. It marks the only full offer of natural gas heavy trucks specifically designed to cover a full range of missions, from regional to international haulage, from volume transportation to swap body applications, all the way to ADR and construction logistics. The most sustainable truck ever, it was crowned Low Carbon Truck of the Year 2017 in the UK. It has acquired even more power and efficiency to deliver a true competitive advantage for transport operators aiming to meet the growing demand for ‘green’ logistics. 
Roberto Camatta, IVECO Turkey Business Director, commented: “IVECO has pioneered alternative traction technologies – and natural gas in particular – for over 20 years and is leading the way in sustainable transport. In Turkey, our CNG trucks have been well received and today, we are following up on this success with the introduction of a complete new range of single-fuel natural gas vehicles that centre on the sweet spot of the long-haul market. The new Stralis NP 460hp delivers performance and productivity in all long-haul missions with the ability to achieve close to zero emissions on bio-LNG: Pure Power!” 
The first Stralis NP 460 – and the first pure LNG truck sold in Turkey – was delivered to Shell Turkey, which will use it for its transport operations between Istanbul and Ankara. The company is also investing in setting up the necessary refueling infrastructure. 
Erol Şimşek, Shell LNG Business Development Manager, said “We are happy to cooperate with IVECO in launching LNG activity in Turkey. We have just opened our first LNG station in Gebze and other filling station openings will follow shortly. Shell believes in the future of the LNG business in Turkey for long haul transportation, and we appreciate IVECO for leading the LNG activity in this country.” 
The Stralis NP 460 range introduces the new IVECO Cursor 13 NP single-fuel engine developed to deliver the power required for the most demanding missions. Also new is the 12-speed Hi-Tronix automated transmission that further improves on the previous version’s excellent driving comfort and performance, as well as adding new functionalities such as the GPS-based HI-CRUISE predictive driving. IVECO’s modular approach results in ample factory option offer and ultimate flexibility in tailored customisations. The vehicle can run on CNG, combined CNG and LNG, or LNG. The double LNG tank version ensures the record range autonomy of up to 1,600 km. The new Stralis NP 460 features IVECO’s most advanced fuel-efficiency technologies and ultimate comfort of the Hi-Way cab designed for long-haul missions.
The Stralis NP 460 maximises the environmental advantages of natural gas, the most eco-friendly fuel for internal combustion engines and the mature solution for sustainable transport available today. Its proven technology delivers a 99% reduction of PM and 90% of NO2 (the most harmful of NOx gases) compared to Euro VI diesel trucks, helping to improve air quality on the roads and in urban areas. Its extremely quiet operation, certified at less than 71 dB on the Piek quiet truck test, adds to the unlimited sustainability of this vehicle. The Stralis NP 460 contributes to shrinking the carbon footprint of the transport industry by cutting CO2 emissions by up to 95% when running on compressed or liquefied bio-methane. 
The use of bio-methane has the added benefit of reducing dependency from fossil fuels while helping the local economy, as it can be generated from agricultural and urban waste, sewage, or waste from the food industry. 
The new IVECO Cursor 13 NP engine, engineered by FPT Industrial, was specifically developed for long-haul international transport. The most powerful pure gas engine on the market, it delivers the performance needed for the most demanding missions. The enhanced combustion process of the 12.9-litre displacement engine ensures the best fuel efficiency in long distance missions. The highl-flow gas injectors, rail, pistons and turbo are designed to deliver high power output and torque. The durability and maintenance intervals have been extended to ensure the right performance with no compromise on uptime. 
This result was achieved by applying spark-ignition stoichiometric combustion to natural gas. It is a “single fuel” solution that enables the IVECO Cursor 13 NP to run on 100% natural gas. The exhaust after-treatment is based on a compact and light 3-way catalyst that requires no regeneration or additives, bringing obvious benefits in terms of package and payload, as well as in reduced downtime. The IVECO Cursor 13 NP offers the added advantage of low noise and vibration, as stoichiometric combustion runs at 12:1 compression ratio (well below the 17:1 ratio of the Diesel cycle) and is therefore intrinsically quieter. 
The IVECO Cursor 13 NP engine is protected by two patents: the first is the knock control that makes it possible to increase the performance, enables the widest fuel compatibility, and protects engine and 3-way catalyst from misfiring.
The second one is the reactive air-flow control management system, a new stoichiometric ratio control logic that is applied during gearshifts. This ensures a continuous torque delivery during AMT gearshifting, which enables maximised performance and the fastest gearshift. 
The Stralis NP 460 is the first natural gas truck with the latest-generation automated transmission, the new 12-speed HI-TRONIX automated gearbox which offers the most advanced technology in its category. The air-flow control management system ensures the perfect integration of engine and gearbox in the Stralis NP 460
The Stralis NP 460 delivers fuel economy on all missions ranging from medium-distance regional routes all the way to long-haul international transport. In addition to the outstanding fuel efficiency of the engine, it features fuel-saving solutions such as the DRIVING STYLE EVALUATION to monitor and improve driving behavior. It also introduces the HI-CRUISE integrated drive system that includes GPS-based systems such as predictive cruise control and gearshifting, and further enhances the eco-roll function. 
The Stralis NP 460 is the ideal truck for the long-haul transport business: it delivers outstanding Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and equal or better comfort, payload, performance and versatility than a diesel truck. 
The new Stralis NP 460 achieves up to 35% reduction in fuel expenses to a diesel vehicle, delivering a better dynamic performance. This economy can be further improved with the Smart Reports with Driving Style Evaluation score, and IVECO’s TCO2 DRIVING economy-oriented courses. 
Also contributing to the exceptionally low TCO are the long service intervals: already the longest in the industry in the previous version, they have been extended to 90,000 km - twice the value of competition - resulting in more time on the road for the vehicle and lower maintenance costs. The absence of complex after-treatment systems, particulate filters, active regeneration further adds to the low-maintenance advantages of the Stralis NP 460. 
The Stralis NP 460 offers an extensive choice of tank combinations based on short, long, right- or left-mounted, LNG and CNG to tailor the vehicle to the specific requirements of the customer’s mission. The vehicle’s extreme flexibility opens up virtually endless engineering opportunities for customization.
The Stralis NP 460 provides solutions for financially and environmentally sustainable transport, and is attracting great interest from transport operators and carriers such Shell Turkey. It has already met with great success in the European markets, where it was launched eight months ago, with significant orders from some of the biggest logistics operators, such as Transports Jacky Perrenot, Meyer Logistik, Grupo HAM, Jost Group and DHL Belgium.   as well as companies such as supermarket chain Carrefour. It has also won recognition from industry experts and has been crowned Low Carbon Truck of the Year in the UK. Its excellent reception in the markets builds on the success of the 400 hp Stralis NP 400, which was launched in 2016. Sales of both ranges of Stralis NP have been growing exponentially, as the logistics sector is increasingly looking at natural gas as a solution to reduce their environmental footprint and comply with ever-more stringent emissions regulations, while efficiently managing their resources. Today Stralis NP trucks are operating in the fleets of 400 transporters in 25 countries across Europe clocking up 400 million km every year.
Istanbul, August 9th 2018


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