• 15-JAN-2018

New Eurocargo ML 150 4x4 to tackle the Outback and then the World


At the top end of the luxury off-road expedition market, where money is not a concern, the sky is the limit, as one discerning West Australian truck buyer has demonstrated with the build of his new Eurocargo ML150 4x4 outback tourer.

With owner, Roger, planning extended travel across Australia and then wanting to ship the vehicle to other continents around the World to continue the journey, he wasn’t prepared to scrimp on luxury or performance. This lead him to IVECO and then to specialist bodybuilder, SLRV Expedition Vehicles on the Gold Coast.

Already a proven performer in emergency service, military, mining and exploration work, the Eurocargo ML150 4x4 was a logical starting place for the customer, according to SLRV Expedition Vehicles Director, Warwick Boswerger.

“The Eurocargo, both as a 4x2 and 4x4 is known for its reliability and power in Europe and it’s a platform that’s held in very high regard there, and in many other parts of the world,” Warwick said.

“From the factory the model has a full-time 4x4 system, hub reduction and front, centre and rear differential locks that ensure maximum traction.

“The multi-leaf parabolic springs with dual acting hydraulic shock absorbers also provide excellent articulation and the high tensile steel chassis allows twisting to further help over rough terrain and undulations,” he said.

Powering the Eurocargo is IVECO’s ‘Tector’ 6-cylinder, 5.9 litre turbo-diesel engine, which delivers 279hp and an impressive 950Nm of torque from a low 1,200rpm.

Power is fed to the wheels via a 6-speed manual synchromesh transmission – it’s a combination that provides ample power and driveability both on and off the blacktop.

Warwick said that another reason why the truck was selected was because of the readily available sleeper cab option, ergonomic cab and driver and passenger air suspension seat.

“There wasn’t an additional cost in getting a sleeper cab model. The overall specifications, dimensions and the truck’s appointments were ideal for what Roger wanted,” Warwick said.

With the truck cab chassis selected, the SLRV team went about creating one of the most luxurious and functional expedition bodies possible.

The fully custom-designed body includes a rear ‘garage’ able to accommodate a motorbike and two spare tyres – this equipment is accessed via a slide-out lifting system.

For extended periods on the road, the truck is fitted with a 600 litre water tank, a solar electric system, a lithium battery system and an AUTOSAT satellite system ensuring the owner can remain virtually self-sufficient and safe when travelling off the beaten track.

But being off the beaten track doesn’t mean these travellers will be roughing it.

In fitting out the interior of the body, SLRV has provided a high quality, modern finish more in keeping with a high end studio apartment.

At Roger’s disposal is a galley kitchen with an oven/grill cooktop and microwave, solid surface bench tops, a four person dinette, a queen bed, Fusion Entertainment System and LED TV, and a full separate ensuite.

If the owners want to spend time outside, there’s a recessed electric awning, built-in external barbecue on a slide and an external shower.

“Basically this truck is built to go anywhere, it’s built to get to that inaccessible destination in luxury,” Warwick said.

“And when they get there, they’ll be able to stay indefinitely in total luxury.

“We’re confident the owner will get many years and hundreds of thousands of kilometres of enjoyable touring out of this new Eurocargo 4x4.”

15 January, 2018


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