• 26-MAR-2019

FPT Industrial appoints new distributor in Taiwan


FPT Industrial, one of the world’s leading industrial powertrain providers, has entered into a new era in the Taiwanese marine engine market with the appointment of Hao Ma Electric CO., LTD as its official distributor in the country. With headquarters in Taipei and four dealers across Taiwan, Hao Ma provides sales and service support for the marine engine range of FPT Industrial as well as power generation products service support throughout the Taiwanese market. The new distributorship agreement will enable shipyards and yacht customers to equip their vessels with higher horse power engines. 
The inaugural event was recently held in Taipei with senior officials participating from both companies. Distinguished guests included Liu De-Zong, Secretary of the Executive Yuan and Zhou Yu-Xiu, Secretary of the Taipei City Government. The event was well attended by the national and local press as well as by more than 100 customers and business partners from the commercial and pleasure boat industry.
“With the appointment of Hao Ma we aim at establishing a strong footprint for FPT Industrial in Taiwan,” said Michelangelo Amelia, FPT Industrial Country Manager SEA, “The FPT Industrial range of premium marine engines, offers the perfect answer for the durability and reliability needs of our Taiwanese customers.” 
Kuo Fang Jung, CEO at Hao Ma, added: “We have been associated with FPT Industrial in Taiwan since the late 1980s, as their authorized OEM for power generation engines, with our sister company Chauma Electric CO., LTD. We are delighted with the trust that FPT Industrial has shown us in extending our partnership as distributor with our Hao Ma Company.” 
With the FPT Industrial marine engine series now available in the market, Hao Ma can work to widely market these engines for transportation vessels, sea fishing vessels and speed boats. It will provide more choices of high power marine engine in the Taiwanese market and support the development of the Taiwanese yacht industry.
The FPT Industrial offering in Taiwan
FPT Industrial produces and sells class-leading engines for on-road, off-road, marine and power generation applications. It stands out for its ability to manage a wide range of engines, relying on the expertise that the Brand has developed in its 150 years of global operations. FPT Industrial is also leading the efforts to produce cleaner, more efficient and powerful engines, being at the cutting edge of sustainable engineering. 
In Taiwan, FPT Industrial’s offering for marine applications includes:
•    F1 Series:  from 85 (115.6) to 169 (230) kW (hp), it features common-rail and electronic technologies. these engines bring substantial benefits, including high specific power, torque at low rpm resulting in better planning, low fuel consumption and emissions. A variety of options for stern drive pre-arrangements extends applications to pleasure and light     commercial duties with any light planning or semiplaning boats up to 8 meters (26 ft). 
•    NEF Series: from 63 (85) to 419 (570) kW (hp), it is the result of prime production quality. It concludes the broadest offering for pleasure and commercial use. The pleasure-range engines are state of the art in diesel technology (electric-control common rail systems, 4 valves/cylinder). These engines combine high performance with lightweight, compact design. With low smoke, noise and vibrations, they are an environmentally-friendly partner for cruiser and yachts up to 12 meters (39ft).
•    CURSOR Series: from 243 (330) to 607 (825) kW (hp), the    cursor series brings benefits such as high injection pressure and timing    precision in all conditions, superb performance, fuel efficiency and low emissions. Sea professionals trust it for its state-of-the-art technology, reduced operating costs and    ease of    maintenance. This Series provides users with proven performance, reliability and simpler installation. It is designed for pleasure applications of yachts and sports fishing boats    up to 18    meters (60 ft).  

Taipei, 26 March, 2019