• 07-JUL-2018

IVECO at Qinghai Lake Recreational Vehicles, Tourism and Culture Festival with the multi-award-winning Daily Hi-Matic


IVECO participates in the first Qinghai Lake Recreational Vehicles (RV), Tourism and Culture Festival from July 6th to 8th 2018 with its Daily Hi-Matic motorhome.

IVECO offers its guests a drive around Qinghai Lake on over 20 motorhomes based on its imported Daily Hi-Matic, “International Van of the Year 2015” , delivering absolute driving pleasure and utmost comfort for the appreciation of the extraordinary natural scenery.

The first Qinghai Lake RV, Tourism and Culture Festival, held from July 6th to 8th 2018, is aimed at promoting tourism in the region and highlighting the pleasure and convenience of travelling in a recreational vehicle. The event is organized by IVECO China and RV Times, a leading media publication in recreational vehicle and camping lifestyle affiliated with People’s Daily and China Automotive Daily.

At a Forum, which took place during the Festival, Mr. Ma Jingang, Director of Qinghai Province Tourism Development Administration, commented: “We are glad to pioneer the new model of recreational vehicle tourism in West China together with IVECO and RV Times, to explore the tourism resources, and to discuss solutions and investments for recreational vehicle transformation, as well as customer experience which we believe will help boost tourism in Qinghai.”

Over 20 motorhomes based on the imported IVECO Daily are taking guests on a dazzling drive of about 360km circling the Qinghai Lake, the largest inland and salt lake in China at the impressive altitude of 3817m. The test drive vehicles are equipped with bodies built by Yutong, Jinghang, Weihao and Daide, the domestic bodybuilders cooperating with IVECO to provide customers with the best motorhome solutions. Some owners of the imported IVECO Daily Motorhome from all over China come to join the Festival for the exciting experience of taking their motorhomes to the Plateau. All the vehicles can be driven with a C driving license.

Mr. Tommaso Croce, Business Director of IVECO China, declared, “The imported IVECO Daily is the perfect base for high-end motorhome missions: the Hi-Matic class-exclusive 8-speed automatic transmission, combined with the ergonomic cab and the real air suspension, deliver absolute driving pleasure and a car-like driving sensation even on the most demanding roads. Qinghai is famous for its magnificent natural scenery with extreme plateau road conditions. We are delighted that our IVECO Daily Hi-Matic motorhome is part of this adventure, helping to explore the splendid landscape of the Lake and Qinghai Province.”

Daily Hi-Matic, the perfect solution for a motorhome

Daily Hi-Matic, powered by the IVECO F1C 3.0 engine, which complies with Euro VI emissions standards, delivers an impressive 170hp and maximum torque of 400Nm. It features the Hi-Matic transmission with a self-adaptive shift strategy that enables the smooth engagement of the correct gear in less than 200 milliseconds. With this engine and transmission, the Daily Hi-Matic delivers the best performance and absolute driving pleasure with easy handling.

The QUAD-Tor front suspension offers outstanding drivability, comfort and dynamic response, while guaranteeing maximum stability. In the rear air suspension version, Daily Hi-Matic is fitted for outstanding vibration dampening and driving stability even on the most demanding roads.

Daily Hi-Matic is the only vehicle in its class offering a range from 3.5 to 7 tons of gross vehicle weight. With its excellent handling and stability, and a towing capacity up to 3500 kg, the Daily HI-MATIC is the best choice for premium motorhomes owing to a class-exclusive load-bearing structure with “C-shaped”, special steel cross-members that places it at the top of its category in comparison to other automobile-derived vehicles. It is designed to deliver toughness and flexibility over time, and the strongest and most durable light vehicle body building platform in the RV industry.

The vehicles used for the test drive are built on the imported IVECO Daily 4x2 45C17H chassis. These vehicles have excellent control and stability in a variety of road conditions, can access grasslands, snowy or wet slippery roads, or lakeside beaches with ease, and the engine can easily adapt to plateau conditions. In addition, the latest generation of electronic stability program ESP9 can ensure a safe and quick response even when fully loaded.

Daily 4X4 Motorhome, no place is out of reach anymore

The Daily range also offers the 4X4 version. Available in a 5.5 ton of gross vehicle weight and equipped with an IVECO F1C Euro VI 3 litre Heavy Duty engine, 24 gears and three differential locks, Daily 4x4 is built to tackle any slope and handle the most rugged and harsh terrains, without compromising on driving comfort.

The Daily 4X4 stands out for its specific Off-Road chassis frame and the steel 3-piece front bumper, which enable it to satisfy the customer’s needs for robustness, sustained performance and record-breaking reliability.

The Daily 4x4 matches a solid reinforced body with the comforts of an on-road motorhome. From the new high-comfort seat the driver can appreciate the panoramic front visibility, while the intuitive ergonomic position of all controls and switches and a more efficient automatic climate control system create the perfect leisure environment.

Shanghai, July 7th 2018


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