• 01-AUG-2019

IVECO delivers 15 Eurocargo trucks to Tbilisi for its waste collection fleet


This is the second delivery of Eurocargo trucks to Tbliservice Group, the waste collection operator for the city of Tbilisi, Georgia.

 IVECO’s partner, GT Group, won this second tender for the fleet renewal on the basis of the truck’s suitability for waste collection and the performance of the eight Eurocargo that have been in operation since 2017.
IVECO delivered 15 Eurocargo trucks with waste collection configurations to Tbilservice Group LTD Georgia, which runs the refuse collection and cleaning operations for Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. This order follows a previous tender won by local IVECO partner GT Group for the supply of eight Eurocargo in 2017.

“We are proud that Tbilservice Group has once again chosen the Eurocargo to renew their fleet thanks to its competitive Total Cost of Ownership, reliability and agility. This vehicle is perfectly suited to their mission in the diverse waste collection across routes in the capital city of Tbilisi. With GT Group, IVECO will provide effective service and parts support for these vehicles, as it has been doing for the Eurocargo trucks already operating in the fleet,” said Stuart Campbell, Business Director Turkey Imports (Agriculture & Construction) & Caucasus and South Central Asia (Agriculture, Construction & Commercial Vehicles) at CNH Industrial.

The 12-ton vehicles are based on the ML120E22 Eurocargo 4X2 chassis with rear driving axle. The waste collection body was produced and installed by Turkish specialist body builder EFE Endüstrie Ve Ticaret in collaboration with GT Group. 

The new Eurocargo trucks in operation in Tbilservice Group’s fleet have proven to be an asset with their low Total Cost of Ownership and excellent suitability to waste collection. The exceptional agility, quiet operation and excellent fuel efficiency make the Eurocargo ideal for urban missions, that are characterized by the tight spaces and traffic typical of city centers.  

The exceptionally strong H-structured chassis frame made of high-yield-strength steel easily withstands even the stresses of an unbalanced load or sudden change of direction, which can happen with relative frequency in waste collection applications. This strength comes with the added advantage of a low tare weight, allowing for a higher payload and hence greater efficiency.
Tbilisi, July 2019