• 28-JUN-2017

IVECO holds sustainable transport forum at EXPO 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan


IVECO hosted a Forum titled “Roadmap and Trends to Sustainable Transport” in the Italian Pavilion at the EXPO 2017. The brand’s and industry experts lead the discussion on alternative traction technologies and their contribution to sustainable transport.

IVECO held a conference dedicated to sustainable transport on the 28th of June at the World Expo 2017 Astana, in Kazakhstan. The “Roadmap and Trends to Sustainable Transport” Forum took place in the conference room of the Italian Pavilion.

The invited guests included the Italian Ambassador Mr. Ravagnan, who opened the proceedings, Fabien Gleizes, Astana Economic Service of the French Embassy in Kazakhstan and representatives from the major municipalities of Kazakhstan. Also in attendance were Roberto Valfré di Bonzo, CNH Industrial Country Manager for Central Asia and Government and Institutional Relations Manager for Russia, Belarus and Central Asia and Mr. Lavrentyev, Chairman of Allur Group of Companies, the IVECO official distributor for Kazakhstan.

Roberto Valfré di Bonzo explained: “EXPO 2017 provides us with a perfect platform to share our views on sustainable transport. We organised this Forum to contribute to the discussion on the way forward for the transport industry as we face the biggest challenge of our century: a sustainable future where we protect the environment through the efficient and responsible use of energy. At IVECO, the key objective of our product strategy is to provide customers with vehicles that enable them to be more sustainable, both for the environment and their bottom line, while ensuring the drivers’ safety and comfort.”

The Forum focused on alternative traction technologies and their contribution to sustainable transport. This is one of the key issues that EXPO 2017 aims to explore under its theme “Future Energy – Solutions for Tracking Humankind’s Greatest Challenge”.

IVECO and IVECO BUS are driven by their commitment to sustainability and their relentless focus on innovation and new technologies make the brands the ideal partners to undertake new paths towards more innovative alternatives for a sustainable mobility: low environmental impact vehicles with high technological content for greater safety.

IVECO innovations in electric, hybrid and natural gas technologies developed over the past 20 years have contributed to reducing the environmental impact of the transport industry. Today there is a running park of more than 23,000 IVECO alternative traction vehicles on the roads.

IVECO is the first manufacturer to offer a full range of natural gas models, from light vehicles to heavy commercial vehicles and buses.

IVECO’s commitment to sustainable transport has earned the brand the highest share of the European alternative fuel vehicles market, placing it in the leading position.

With vehicles such as the New Stralis NP (Natural Power) - in the heavy line – IVECO breaks new ground in long-haul sustainable transport: the New Stralis NP is the first natural gas truck specifically designed for long-haul transport, it delivers the same output and torque as its diesel equivalent, together with low Total Cost of Ownership.

The improvements introduced in the Stralis NP contribute to a 3% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership compared to the previous model, which already had fuel pump costs up to 40% lower than its diesel equivalent.

With a record 1,500 km autonomy range, it is made for long distance haulage and, with its quiet operation, has the added advantage of being suitable for night time deliveries in urban locations.

In public transport IVECO BUS full range of electric, hybrid and natural gas buses contributes to dramatically reduce emissions and noise pollution, which explains the popularity of its buses with public transport authorities in capital cities like Paris and Madrid. Hybrid buses use up to 30% less fuel than conventional vehicles. It reduce CO2 emissions by 33% and nitrogen oxide (NOx) by 40% compared to diesel buses. This means 25 tons less CO2 every year for a standard bus and 37 tons for an articulated bus, for example – that’s more than twice the tare weight of each vehicle.

IVECO BUS was also selected by the city of Astana as official bus supplier: the brand has provided a fleet of Citelis buses in preparation for EXPO 2017 and with the latest deliveries of Urbanway and Urbanway Hybrid buses, a fleet of 570 IVECO BUS vehicles will be operating in Astana’s public transport system.

The forum ended with a guided visit to the Italian Pavilion and with the display and walk around, for the very first time in Kazakhstan, of the new IVECO Evadys coach.

Launched in Europe in 2016, the Evadys offers unmatched versatility and operating profitability and it is specially designed to meet the growing need for regional and national routes, as well as local and mid-distance tourism services – needs that require top-quality combined "intercity/excursion" characteristics.

The “Roadmap and Trends to Sustainable Transport” Forum represented for IVECO the perfect occasion to show to Kazakh and foreign authorities and media how the development of practical and viable alternative fuel solutions, together with the pursuit of innovative mobility, represent the key milestones of IVECO’s brand and product strategy.

With its pioneering, forward-looking solutions that make a significant contribution to a continuous reduction in the environmental impact of the transport sector – today and in the future – IVECO is indeed the ideal partner for sustainable transport.

Astana, 28th June, 2017


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