• 06-MAY-2015

Iveco range for the Korean market


The Iveco offering for the Korean market consists of 8 different models. Five Trakkers, both single and hub reduction, with engines coming from 410 Hp up to 500 Hp; two different Stralis solutions for on-road transportation – both in 500 and 560 Hp – and one Eurocargo with 280 hp.

The Iveco Trakker is a high performance and robust truck designed to operate in the extreme on and off-road conditions often found in the construction and mining industries. The vehicle is presented in two variants: a 6x4 dumper model, with a GCW of 30 tonnes, and four 8x4 dumper models with a GCW of 40 tonnes. Both are powered by the Iveco cursor 13, available with 410 hp (6x4 variant), 450 hp (8x4 variant with single and hub reduction) and 500 hp (8x4 variant with single and hub reduction).

The Iveco Stralis Hi-Way heavy commercial vehicle is an excellent solution for the haulage industry due to its low fuel consumption, high reliability, superior safety features, best-in-class cabin ergonomics and comfort. The on-road vehicle, with GCW of 44 tonnes, is presented with two models in the 6x2 tractor version. With rear pneumatic suspension, twin wheels and third rear lift axle, both vehicles are equipped with the Iveco cursor 13 engine, low-roof and high-roof cab at 500 and 560 hp respectively.

The Iveco Eurocargo medium truck offers unprecedented reliability, flexibility and versatility. It is available in on-road version and presented in 4x2 truck variant, with mechanical suspension, a GVW of 12 tonnes. Eurocargo features a Tector 6 engine, available with 280 hp.

Euro VI range

Iveco’s Euro VI range achieves the stringent emissions standards requirements with High Efficiency SCR (HI-eSCR) technology, which takes advantage of the patented SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology to deliver efficiencies without precedent. This breakthrough SCR-only after-treatment system cuts NOx emissions by more than 95 per cent. It uses clean air to optimise combustion efficiency and cut Particulate Matter (PM) levels without the use of EGR, therefore minimising fuel consumption and maximising performance.

In addition, since the engine only breathes clean filtered air rather than recirculated exhaust gases, engine wear is very low and oil change intervals are longer, with service intervals of up to 150,000 km. This also results in increased reliability, lower operating costs and reduced down time for scheduled maintenance.

Iveco was the first manufacturer to announce its Euro VI engine technology strategy back in April 2010.



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