• 22-JAN-2018

Ten new IVECO ACCOs cement ACM expansion with further 10 on order


Leading concrete and construction products company ACM, is looking to capitalise on Melbourne’s booming western suburbs with the opening of a new batching plant in Rockbank and the acquisition of 10 new ACCO 8x4 agitators to service customers in the region.

Established in 2009, ACM now operate 38 trucks from two sites with a key differentiator for the company being its strong commitment to sustainability – the philosophy is captured in its company tagline ‘Redefining Green’.

To achieve this, the business has a number of initiatives in place to minimise its environmental impact, these include collection of stormwater for use in its concrete and crushing plants, the use of recycled rock and concrete in making its concrete aggregates, the adoption of dust suppression systems at all plants and the use of ‘E-Cretetm’, a replacement for conventional concrete that delivers up to 80 per cent less carbon output than traditional concrete.

Fittingly, ACM has chosen a bright green livery for its fleet that is hard to miss on the road or at the building site, further drawing attention to the company’s strong environmental aspirations.

The new ACCOs are all equipped with 7.4 cubic metre bowls and are an ideal fit to service a range of customers across civil, residential and commercial sectors, according to ACM General Manager, Digby Crawford.

“The great thing about the ACCOs is that they are fit for purpose – the trucks and all of the driveline componentry is proven, reliable and long lasting,” he said.

“Maintenance on the trucks and availability of parts is another benefit, you can find replacement parts everywhere, which minimises the likelihood of any downtime.

“Another attractive aspect of the ACCOs was the availability of Electronic Stability Control which is important in this application where the load has a higher centre of gravity.”

Although the ACCOs were a well credentialed concrete truck on paper, their selection was by no means a given, with Digby undertaking extensive research before finally settling on the IVECOs.

“We looked closely at five different brand trucks all up, but in the end the ACCO had the best all-round package,” Digby said.

“The combination of low tare weight, industry standard components, cab over design which allowed us to better manoeuvre in confined spaces and superior serviceability won over.”

The trucks all feature 340 hp engines with 1500 Nm of torque and are coupled to 6-speed full automatic transmissions, and while the vehicles will only cover approximately 20,000 kilometres per year they will face high running hours.

Suspension on the trucks is handled via rear rubber block, while up front the trucks run integrated air suspension, a combination that has drawn praise from ACM drivers.

“The drivers are complimentary of the ACCOs, they drive well and in particular they mention that the ride is very smooth and comfortable,” Digby said.

“The Rockbank facility and the 10 new ACCO agitators are important components of ACM’s future growth and are helping us ‘Redefining Green’.

“We also have another plant under construction in Clyde (South East Melbourne) which is due to open in early 2018 – a further 10 ACCOs have been ordered for this site.”

22 January, 2018


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