• 24-JAN-2019

The unique new generation PPP-55 foam tower on an IVECO TRAKKER chassis assembled by IVECO-AMT enters operation at the Saratov Oil Refinery


The PPP-55 firefighting foam tower, assembled by IVECO-AMT on its IVECO TRAKKER AD410T50 8x4 chassis, has joined the fleet of firefighting vehicles at the Saratov oil refinery. With a working height of 55m, the WITAND PPP-55 foam tower in configuration with fire pump, foam mixing system and foam tank is unique in the market and is the first ever produced by a Russian foam tower manufacturer
IVECO-AMT has delivered the IVECO TRAKKER AD410T50 8x4 chassis equipped with the unique WITAND PPP-55 firefighting foam tower to the Saratov oil refinery, where it has joined the facility’s firefighting vehicle fleet. The Saratov Oil Refinery is a subsidiary of Rosneft, one of the oldest oil refineries in Russia. The plant (PJSC "Saratov Oil Refinery") was built in 1934 and has an annual capacity of 7million tonnes (50.7 million barrels) of oil. The facility dedicated particular attention to fire safety and the use of modern firefighting technologies.
The choice of the IVECO-AMT vehicle in foam tower configuration comes on the back of Rosneft’s successful experience with the company’s IVECO TRAKKER chassis equipped with 37- and 44-meter foam towers. The TRAKKER AD410T50 8x4 chassis is a high-strength and reliable heavy truck featuring an IVECO Cursor 13 in-line 6-cylinder 12.88 litre 500 hp engine, a turbocharger with adjustable boost pressure via by-pass valve. The engine’s high large torque also at low rpm delivers excellent performance for the vehicle. 
The vehicle’s flat surface means that virtually any type of superstructure can be installed on the chassis, which makes the field of applications of this truck practically unlimited. The IVECO TRAKKER is efficient and easy to operate. The multiple mirrors that provide the driver with a circular view completely eliminate blind spots, enabling the operator to complete the most complex manoeuvres safely. 
The PPP-55 assembled by IVECO-AMT on its IVECO TRAKKER AD410T50 8x4 chassis was designed in accordance with Rosneft’s high technical requirements, and is perfect for firefighting in oil tanks of up to 50,000 m³ volume in high-altitude technological installations.
Key features: 
•    telescopic boom with a working height of 55 m and a lateral departure of up to 25 m;
•    foam tank: 4000 litres;
•    fire pump with a capacity of 120 litres/second;
•    automatic ejection foam mixing system;
•    remote control panel: enables an operator to remotely control the functions of the foam tower and hydraulic gun from a distance of up to 100 m;
•    the ability to work on all unprepared surfaces with compensation of slope and vertical drops. 
According to the plant's specialists, the WITAND PPP-55 foam tower built by IVECO-AMT on its IVECO TRAKKER chassis is a significant acquisition and will undoubtedly play a key role in the firefighting vehicles fleet to ensure reliable protection of the production facility.
Miass, January 2019