• 11-SEP-2019

  • Turin, September 10th, 2019



From September 10th to 15th, the Bay of Cannes will host more than 50,000 people for the 42nd edition of the Cannes Yachting Festival. Visitors will have the chance to see FPT Industrial’s latest marine engines for commercial and leisure applications.
FPT Industrial’s complete marine portfolio ranges from 85 hp to 1,000 hp and the Brand has advanced its products to further offer customers with superior advantages. FPT is displaying three of its leading marine engines at its stand (Palais 053).

C16 1000
In 2018, C16 1000, with a specific racing configuration, secured the Guinness World Record for the fastest Diesel powerboat, which reached 277.5 km/h. The 6-cylinder in-line engine provides top performance for long range pleasure and light commercial boats and compactness of a 13-liter engine, but with the durability of a 16-liter. The C16 1000 hp has the best durability – around 25% more than its competitors’ average – while the power (63 hp/lt), the torque (220 Nm/lt) and the lightness (0,59 hp/kg) are among the best of the light commercial segment. These characteristics offer increased cruising and maximum speed, together with the best transient response for planing.

C16 1000 Specifications
Architecture:6 Cylinders in-line
Injection System:Common Rail (up to 2,200 bar)
Air Handling:2 Water Cooled Waste Gate Turbo Single Stage + Aftercooler
Valves per Cylinder:4
Displacement:15.9 l
Bore x Stroke:141 x 170 mm
Max Rated Power:1,000 hp @ 2,300 rpm
Max Torque:3,500 Nm
Dry Weight:1,690 kg
Dimensions (L/W/H):1,465 x 1,136 x 1,160 mm

NEW C90 650 EVO
C90 650 EVO has gained many improvements compared to its previous version. Now, it has higher maximum torque, faster transient response for better planing, fuel consumption reduction, and new components and layout for longer durability and easy maintenance. With a displacement of 8.7 liters, it has the latest generation Common Rail, an architecture of 6 in-line cylinders and can deliver a maximum power of 650 hp at 2,530 rpm. The engine is also focused on low environmental impact, with reduced noise, vibrations and exhaust gas emissions.

C90 650 EVO Specifications
6 Cylinders in-line
Injection System:Common Rail
Air Handling:Waste Gate Turbocharger + Supercharger + Aftercooler
Valves per Cylinder:4
Displacement:8.7 l
Bore x Stroke:117 x 135 mm
Max Rated Power:650 hp @ 2,530 rpm
Max Torque:2,300 Nm @ 1,500 rpm
Dry Weight:1014 Kg
Dimensions (L/W/H):1,218 / 881 / 984 mm
N67 570 EVO
This engine has also guaranteed prizes for FPT Industrial in prestigious European competitions, such as the Cowes-Torquay-Cowes in 2008 and the Cork-Fastnet-Cork route in 2018. Combining high performance with a lightweight and compact design, this 6.7-liter engine delivers 570 hp at 3,000 rpm, with maximum torque of 1,551 Nm at 2,000 rpm, ensuring top performance for fast and light planing boats. The use of high technologies ensures reliability and compliance to the most stringent environmental certifications for the marine sector.

N67 570 EVO Specifications
Architecture:6 Cylinders in-line
Injection System:Common Rail (up to 1,600 bar)
Air Handling:Waste Gate water cooled Turbo+ Aftercooler
Valves per Cylinder:4
Displacement:6.7 l
Bore x Stroke:104 x 132 mm
Max Rated Power:570 hp @ 3,000 rpm
Max Torque:1,551 Nm @ 2,000 rpm
Dry Weight:721 Kg
Dimensions (L/W/H):1,089 / 847 / 825 mm
FPT Industrial engine top cover
The most significant models from FPT Industrial’s leisure engines series can now be ordered with optional stylized top covers designed by the CNH Industrial Design Center. The white top covers labeled with FPT’s logo and the engine’s maximum power output are made of walkable antiskid fiberglass to protect the engine, preserving its upper side and ensuring more durability.
Turin, September 10th, 2019