• 09-JUL-2015

FPT Industrial launches toll-free number for marine support



FPT Industrial is to launch a permanent, toll-free number to provide information and support to its customers in the marine sector.

The engine provider has previously offered this support during the summer months but from July 2015 it will launch a 24/7, year-round toll-free service that covers the western area of the Mediterranean Sea.

“At FPT Industrial we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service, when the customer needs it,” said Massimo Rubatto, Sales Vice President at FPT Industrial. “Having trialed the marine service over short periods previously, we’ve increased our support in this area to make the enquiries line a full-time service for our valued marine customers.”

The toll-free number provides an easy access point for information and assistance for marine engine owners across France, Italy, Malta and Spain.

For assistance and information, customers should dial 00 800 00 378 000.

For further information, visit www.fptindustrial.com​.

Turin, July 2015