• 08-JUL-2017

The future of Marine Speed: FPT Industrial and FB Design present the new “Three Point” Hull Concept at VBV Legends


At the VBV Legends in Viareggio, Tuscany, FPT Industrial and FB Design unveiled, at a world premiere, the new  “three point” hull concept - the hull has three support points on the surface -, ideated for water speed. The boat - designed by Fabio Buzzi - represents a vision for the future and it solidifies the collaboration of the two brands, a 35 year partnership distinguished by many successes.

Once again, after 15 world titles, several records and more than 100 victories both in Italian and International waters, FPT Industrial and FB Design manifested their mission: the innovation in speedboat racing. The new “three point” hull represents new progress toward future challenges: its aim is to achieve high performance, a very attainable target thanks to its carbon fiber structure and the power of the FPT Industrial engine.

The VBV Legends – taking place from the 7th to the 10th of July at the Viareggio Pier within NaviGusto event – is the international meeting for the main participants that took part in the historical Viareggio-Bastia-Viareggio race,  the well-known off-shore boat event that was held between 1962 and 1992 and that now celebrates the numerous successes from the collaboration between FPT Industrial and FB Design. FPT Industrial won 32 titles, including 15 world championships in different classes and 17 International trophies: 7 in Europe, 4 in South America and 6 in Italy.

FPT Industrial marine engines and the hulls of FB Design also gained other records: two speed world records in the ‘80s and another one in 2012 during the New York-Bermuda obtained by “Col Moschin” who was equipped with two C90 650s. The same engines won a broaching during the Montecarlo-Venezia race in 2011 with the “Kerakoll FPT”, while the “Red FPT” (also present at the VBV Legends), mounted with four N67 600 engines, won the Marathon World Cup in 2010, the most prestigious endurance race. This long lasting experience in this particular field has been the best “proving ground” for the know-how that FPT Industrial puts into the development of high performance, reliability and durability of marine engines which the brand offers to commercial and recreational markets.

Turin, July 8 2017