• 27-JUL-2021

  • Turin, 26 July, 2021




FPT Industrial renewed and enhanced its partnership, launched on July 2020, with the Porto Rotondo Yacht Club in Sardinia, Italy, becoming the Main Technical Partner of the catch & release fishing tournaments season, organized by the Yacht Club’s Fishing Division.

After the great success of the first tournament, THE-O’ Tuna Edition held on 12-13 June with over 80 participants, FPT Industrial was back to Sardinia to support and promote THE-O' Porto Rotondo Offshore Trolling “Powered by FPT” 2021, the prestigious, deep-sea fishing competition for Mediterranean spearfish, that was held in the waters of Porto Rotondo, from July 23 to 25.

The competition saw over 15 boats with about 80 crew members battle it out, all united by their passion for the sea and sport, as well as by their desire to support the research and study of the Mediterranean spearfish. It is the only Mediterranean tournament that is exclusively dedicated to the Mediterranean spearfish and represents an ideal venue for marine engines to promote the performance characteristics that are required for this type of activity, such as power, speed, durability, and low fuel consumption. At the end of a breathtaking duel, the winner was the team of Daniele and Davide Guastoni, on board of Karima boat.

As main technical partner of the Fishing Division of the Porto Rotondo Yacht Club, FPT Industrial was present throughout the event, both on land and sea. The whole Yacht Club, including the clubhouse, the marina and the moorings, was branded by FPT Industrial, while a C16 1000 engine, the most powerful engine of the FPT Industrial marine range and speed-on-water world record holder, was displayed in a customized glass case, just like an artwork.

During the fishing event, FPT Industrial gave a competition kit consisting of environmentally friendly items to all participants, while the whole competition was followed and commented live by Guido Meda, the unmistakable Italian voice of the Moto GP. Guido, hosted on board of the jury boat, a MAINE 480 powered by two FPT Industrial N60 400 E, commented live all the crucial phases of the tournament, making everybody both at the Yacht Club and on social media feel like they were taking part into the competition.

The Mediterranean spearfish, a migratory species related to the marlin, swims in deep waters, hunting for anchovies and sardines. It can reach two meters in length and 30 kilos in weight. The trolling technique involves long hours of navigation, interrupted without warning at the moment of hooking. Therefore, the engine must first have the responsiveness and speed to arrive quickly at the competition area and then subsequently, ensure a more constant, regular, and efficient pace at the various trolling speeds. It should also be able to stop quickly and be able to appropriately follow the catching phase of the spearfish to avoid losing the fish and to attach the satellite tag linked to the Mediterranean Spearfish Project, born in 2019 through the collaboration between the Sea Life Care International, the IGFA (International Game Fishing Association) and Stanford University, with the goal is to learn the genetic characteristics and the migratory habits of the Mediterranean spearfish.

“I’m very happy about the 2021 edition”, says Sandro Onofaro, European sea fishing from a boat record holder and Director of the fishing division of the Porto Rotondo Yacht Club. “Also thanks to the powerful partnership with FPT Industrial, we have 50% more boats than in 2020 and twice the crews’ members. It’s a clear demonstration that a tournament that combines sport and scientific research, can highly attractive for the most demanding fishermen”.

“Powerful and sustainable engines, fast boats, fierce crews and the beautiful sea of Sardinia to both enjoy and protect”, says Carlo Moroni, “just like in 2020, this event has all the ingredients and the values we always look for: wonderful sporting spirit and passion for the sea. Being here for the second time in a row, reaffirms our commitment to competition and our attention to researching and safeguarding the seas”.

The next appointment with the Porto Rotondo Yacht Club’s catch & release fishing tournaments supported by FPT Industrial is scheduled from 23 to 25 August for THE-O’ Offshore Classic.

Turin, 26 July, 2021