• 05-JUN-2018

FPT Industrial Launches a New Partnership with Universal Music with a Genset Customized by a Street Artist


On Friday, the San Siro Stadium, in Milan, was the stage of a special event: Italian rappers Fedez and J-Ax celebrated their two-year collaboration with a concert in front of more than 80.000 people. FPT Industrial was one of the main sponsors of the event, together with RTL 102.5. For FPT Industrial the event – organized by Saludo and Newtopia – was the right occasion to unveil a new partnership with Universal Music.
During the exclusive after-party, an FPT Industrial genset was customized by Pao – the famous artist who founded Pao Pao studio. The soundproofed genset – powered by a N45 engine – is now coated with a colorful illustration, representing many objects of the music world such as microphones, headphones, notes, discs, are mix with some of Pao’s signature elements, like the penguin.
FPT Industrial is proud to announce this new partnership that will join two brands that consider quality one of their pillars. Universal Music is the main reference for the music industry in more than 60 countries and has been promoting innovation, talent and creativity for over 80 years, a great heritage like FPT Industrial’s. On this occasion, FPT Industrial partnered even with RTL 102.5 – the number one radio in Italy, which allowed everyone to enjoy the concert with its livestream of the event on all its channels.
Turin, June 5, 2018