• 05-NOV-2019



At DPE 2019 in Rimini, Italy, FPT Industrial, Energy Rental, Sices and Riello UPS gave the global preview of an innovative zero-emission system for a 300 kVA Diesel-powered mobile generator. The system combines and integrates two high-efficiency UPS modules with two high-performance battery systems, which may be powered by a conventional external line (i.e. electrical grid) or renewable sources (i.e. photovoltaic panels), and a FPT Industrial 8.7-litre Cursor 9 engine compliant with the latest Stage V European emissions standards.

In a worldwide first, the high power and efficient performance of a HI-eSCR2 power generator are combined with a system designed to produce the lowest environmental impact, meaning it is quiet, easily transportable and very flexible in use. This unique system is intended for use during entertainment, fashion and sporting events, and thus in all situations where reliable power generation and environmental compatibility with the presence of a large audience are crucial. The innovative new system also features a remote monitoring device with geolocation and data transmission via App and supervision software, keeping the user informed in real time about the whole system’s operating status and any criticalities, even if the unit is left unattended.

This unique project involved a group of partners, each of which lead their respective areas. “The idea of this generator originated from the profound desire to guarantee the highest level of innovation and involve a group of leading companies in developing a 100% Italian-built system which, in a world first, would enable combined and also independent use of a zero-emission UPS and a Diesel generator," declares Alessandro De Berti, Business Developer Manager of Energy Rental, Italian leader in the mobile generator rental sector.

“The new solutions this system adopts are the outcome of a thorough analysis of the main criticalities of devices of this kind, including prolonged, uninterrupted operation, absence of supervision, noise output and unknown load requirements. Brilliant solutions were developed thanks to thousands of hours of co-design work by the various partners,” comments Christian Piazzalunga, Sales Operations at SICES, the system integrator that has led the Italian market in the design and construction of switchboards and control systems for 40 years.

FPT Industrial once again provided the heart of the entire system, by supplying the Cursor 9 Stage V engine. “At just 8.7 litres, yet able to generate a massive 300 kVA, it produces one of the highest specific powers on the market, so customers enjoy many important benefits with regard to compact size, with obvious knock-on effects in terms of installation inside the total footprint and canopy of the genset itself, and light weight, for better transportability, a fundamental factor for a mobile generator," declares Alessandro Zilli, Power Generation Marketing Manager FPT Industrial. Besides these structural benefits, the Cursor 9 adopts the HI-SCR2 technology, FPT Industrial’s trademark for Stage V applications, which gives the Brand’s powerplants a unique, distinctive edge.

The generator presented at DPE has a special livery, an additional homage by FPT Industrial to Leonardo da Vinci, designed by famous artist and social media influencer Agnes Cecile.

Cursor 9 Stage V technical specifications
Gross power:291 kW @1500 rpm
Displacement (l):8.7
Injection system:Common Rail
Turin, 5 November 2019