• 30-JUN-2013

A Decade of Dedication to Environmental Protection: FPT Industrial Partners with Beijing Public Transport for a Green Capital



FPT Industrial and Beijing Public Transport Holdings Ltd (BPT) held a grand ceremony at the Italian embassy in Beijing celebrating the handover of 1,200 environmentally friendly CNG engines and ten years of successful partnership on 25 June 2013.

Investing in public transport is a strategic choice and part of the on-going development of Beijing into an international metropolis, providing the best transportation solution for citizens. With financial subsidies and constant support from FPT Industrial, Beijing has been stepping towards lower emissions, better life quality and less traffic congestion.

As a global engine manufacturer with innovative clean solutions, FPT Industrial is proud to help cities like Beijing to improve the environmental impact of their public transport. During its ten-year partnership with BPT, FPT has been committed to providing the most suitable products. Over 4,000 CNG and advanced diesel engines have been delivered to BPT since 2003, at which time the very first 300 CNG engines were put into action, beginning the long-standing partnership.

Followed by more than 1,000 engines in 2008, FPT Industrial contributed and assisted BPT to achieve super low emissions in the heart of central Beijing during the Olympic Games. Five years later, FPT Industrial is now equipping BPT buses with another 1,200 CNG engines, which marks a profound new milestone for the ten-year partnership.

Reducing emissions, the 1,200 new buses in Beijing will be equipped with 350 Cursor 8 and 850 NEF 6 engines.

The Cursor 8 engine adopts a six-cylinder in-line layout with 7.8-litre displacement, producing 213 kW power and 1,300 Nm torque. Due to its high efficiency and advanced technology, Cursor 8 engines power important routes in the heart of Beijing, for example Route No.1 that runs in front of Tiananmen Square.

Similar to the Cursor 8, the NEF 6 engine is another product featuring FPT Industrial’s advanced design and technology. With the identical six-cylinder in-line layout and a 5.9-litre displacement, the NEF 6 produces 147 kW power and 650 Nm torque. Both the Cursor 8 and NEF 6 apply MPI systems to ensure accurate fuel injection and stable incylinder combustion, whilst fuelling by compressed natural gas cuts operating costs, and the three-way catalytic converter reduces emissions. Compared with traditional diesel engines, the FPT Industrial CNG engines reduce over 97% PM2.5 emissions, which means the fulfilling of Europe’s EEV standard and significantly outperforming the Euro V standard.

Hosted at the Italian embassy and enriched by a presentation of both FPT Industrial and Fiat Industrial products, such as FPT engines, Iveco and New Holland products, the ceremony was attended by Mr Wang Chunjie, General Manager of BPT, and Mr Giovanni Bartoli, FPT Industrial COO, alongside Mr Corrado Clini from Italian Environment Protection Ministry, Mr Liu Hua from China Environment Protection Ministry, Mr Franco Amadei Fiat China President, Mr Luca Biagini Fiat Industrial China CEO, and Mr Nathan Yu, FPT Industrial China Country Manager.

​Beijing, June 2013