• 01-DEC-2017

FPT Industrial Equips IVECO Daily Blue Power, the Winner of the International Van of the Year 2018 Award


Solutrans, the international trade show for the On-Road transport industry, which is held in Lyon, France, saw the crowning of the IVECO Daily Blue Power range powered by FPT Industrial engines as International Van of the Year 2018. The deciding jury panel, composed of 25 senior European commercial vehicle journalists, granted the prestigious award as a recognition for using the most advanced technologies to improve sustainability. The jury highlighted that the Daily Blue Power, in addition to the electric model, “puts together the main and viable solutions to reduce the environmental impact of LCVs in urban and suburban operations.” The International Van of the Year jury members were particularly impressed by the technical innovation of this new range and for “presenting the new Real Driving Emission diesel engine now - three years ahead of the EU’s RDE regulation which will be mandatory for vans - far ahead of any competitor.”

The winning vehicles are equipped with the FPT Industrial F1A Diesel and F1C Natural Gas engines, confirming FPT Industrial’s preeminence for complying to new and stricter emission regulations, while leading the NG technologies market.

 In 2020 engines will have to respond to the Real-Driving Emissions regulation, but FPT Industrial and IVECO are ahead of the times: the F1A Diesel is the only one in the LCV segment to be ready three years in advance. This engine has a displacement of 2.3 liters and combines the lowest emission rate in its category with the qualities of a regular Diesel engine. The F1A Diesel has great durability and a real-driving low NOx emissions due to higher displacement than other manufacturers. In 2016 it was fully re-engineered: the friction was reduced, the cooling system was optimized and a variable displacement oil pump was adopted, reducing both fuel consumption and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Due to all these perks and thanks to optimized combustion achieved with FPT Industrial's patented MultiJet II injection system, FPT Industrial's F1A Diesel is capable of reaching low NOx levels. Moreover, a right-sized engine displacement guarantees full optimization on the Real-Driving cycle: it means the same load at lower engine speed, guaranteeing at the same time lower combustion temperature and lower NOx generation.

The F1A Diesel model is equipped with FPT Industrial’s patented and exclusive SCR technology, a particular after-treatment system that FPT Industrial has been adopting for 25 years. Throughout this period, FPT Industrial has powered more than 210,000 Light Commercial Vehicles, providing  a solution that lowers both  fuel consumption and  pollutant levels. Overall, during the years, this system has been applied to more than 1 million total SCR units on different vehicles, both On- and Off-road. The F1A Engine with the SCR system hardware is protected for RDE 09/2020 NR (New Registrations) standards. Real Driving Emission tests have ensured that LCVs, thanks to FPT Industrial’s F1A Diesel, deliver low pollutant emissions not only in the laboratory, but also on the road.

With this award, FPT Industrial also underlines its preeminence in Natural Gas engines. Over the past 20 years it has sold more than 30,000 Natural Gas engines, and now the Daily Blue Power mounted with the FPT Industrial F1C NG has been honored. The F1C NG engine has a 3 liter displacement and can deliver up to 136 hp with 350 Nm of max torque. FPT Industrial's F1C NG is the only engine in the LCV market that is Industrially derived and specifically designed for Industrial applications. Furthermore, for the first time, it integrates a new dataset, allowing Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power to be the industry’s first compressed natural gas-powered LCV with a class-exclusive 8-speed automatic gearbox.

 The F1C NG – as every other FPT Industrial Natural Gas engine – can be fueled with CNG, LNG and bio-methane, that can lead to near zero CO2 emissions. The F1C NG grants also the same robustness and reliability as its Diesel equivalent, while allowing cost savings up to 35%. With the International Van of the Year award, this engine proves to have major benefits over competitors’ similar products: higher torque, better transient response and lower noise and vibration, resulting in better driving comfort.

F1A DIESEL SCR RDE READY specifications 
ArchitectureIn-line 4-cylinder engine
IntakeWastegate or Variable Geometry Turbocharged with Aftercooler
InjectionCommon Rail 1600 bar
Valves per cylinder4
Displacement (l)2.3
Bore (mm)88
Stroke (mm)94
Power range in hp (Kw)116-156 (85-114) @ 3,600 rpm
Torque range in Nm320-380 @ 1,500 rpm
Service interval (km)up to 50,000 (depending on mission)
Weight (in kg)204
ATSHigh-Pressure EGR + ClosedCoupled DPF + SCR

F1C Natural Gas specifications
ArchitectureIn-line 4-cylinder engine
IntakeWastegate Turbocharged with Aftercooler
InjectionMultipoint with Stoichiometric combustion
Valves per cylinder4
Displacement (l)3.0
Bore (mm)96
Stroke (mm)104
Power range in hp (kW)136 (100) @ 3,500 rpm
Torque range in Nm350 @ 1,500 rpm
Service interval (km)up to 40,000 (depending on mission)
Weight (in kg)245
ATS3 way catalyst

Turin, December 1, 2017