• 09-FEB-2021

  • Turin, February 9, 2021




FPT Industrial is a partner of Electric Days, the first digital event entirely dedicated to the electrification of vehicles, scheduled to be held from 8 to 12 February 2021. Organized by Motorsport Network in collaboration with Condé Nast (Wired, GQ, Vanity Fair), the event will feature five days of debates, virtual meetings, inquiries and purchase guides to understand the technology and to make an informed choice on today’s and tomorrow’s cars.

FPT Industrial is the only industrial engine manufacturer on a list of partners that includes a full house of all the elite global car manufacturers, as well as important energy and technology companies. The brand will play a key role on two days of the event.

On 9 February, at 5:15 pm, during the Electric Talk meetings, where the discussion will be about electric vehicles with industry, the techniques and protagonists of the technological transition. Davide De Silvio, FPT Industrial’s Sales Development ePowertrain manager, along with Giovanni Gaviani, Texa’s e-Powertrain Business Development Manager, and Giulio Lancellotti, Bosch Sales Manager Connected Services and IoT Solutions, moderated by Fabio Orecchini, journalist specialized in innovation in the Auto and Mobility sector and Director of the Sustainability Engineering Department of Rome’s Guglielmo Marconi University, will debate the evolutionary possibilities of the electric engine and specifically, the level of development of current electric engines, as well as the possible improvements to charger and inverter efficiency, the use of data to increase performance and parallel development for battery and hydrogen electric. The debate, which promises to bring the issue of today’s and tomorrow’s electric engines to the forefront, can be seen in streaming live at this link.

On 11 February at 1 pm, during the Electric Lifestyle day dedicated to electric mobility, as discussed by those who are creating it and those who are already living it, Oscar winner Giorgio Moroder musician, composer and world-renowned director, not to mention author of “Preludio”, the FPT Industrial sound identity, will take his turn. Moroder will go over the milestones of his collaboration with FPT Industrial and reveal a few notes of the Preludio Remix by Giorgio Moroder for the first time in public, destined to become the “sound” of the energy transition to sustainable mobility.

Also, as an event partner, FPT Industrial will have an “electric space” on-site, where information will be available on the brand’s electric mobility innovations and the related ongoing projects, as well as an engaging video interview with Annalisa Stupenengo, FPT Industrial CEO, discussing engines and alternative drives in terms of the present and the future, and how the brand sees the future of sustainability. To see Annalisa Stupenengo’s interview, use this link.

“Being the only industrial engine manufacturer invited to this event is extremely satisfying for us”, said Carlo Moroni, FPT Industrial's Head of Communication. “And, above all, it is an educational commitment that reiterates the crucial - but often little known - role that industrial vehicles play in the energy transition process through electric engines and axles.”

The five days of the Electric Days event can be followed live at www.electricdays.it and Motor1.com, InsideEVs.it, Wired, Vanity Fair and GQ.

Turin, February 9, 2021