• 10-OCT-2013

FPT Industrial’s N67 570 Receives ADI Accolade



After achieving sporting success in numerous international competitions, FPT Industrial’s N67 570 engine has claimed yet another major prize, at the 53rd International Boat Show in Genoa.

The Association for Industrial Design (ADI) awarded the 570 hp engine a mention for ‘special research in the areas of improving environmental sustainability and reducing weight and fuel consumption without compromising yield and performance’.

Along with five other products selected by the jury for the ADI Design Index 2014, the annual collection of the best Italian design, the marine engine becomes a candidate for the triennial Compasso d'Oro Awards.

The N67 570 is a class leader in every aspect, confirmed by parameters such as its power/weight ratio (1.14 kg/hp), power/displacement ratio (84.4 hp/litre) and volume/power ratio (1.31 dm3/cv).

Developed to meet EPA Tier 3 regulations in the US market, this modern, 6.7-litre engine has a six-cylinder, in-line architecture, four valves per cylinder and a turbocharger with intercooler and Waste Gate. The cylinder block and ‘ladder frame’ structural strengthening have proven their reliability in the many contests of speed and durability in which the N67 570 has successfully participated.

Association for Industrial Design

Founded in 1956, the Association for Industrial Design (ADI) analyses and promotes the development of industrial design as a cultural and economic phenomenon, which produces goods and services of major importance through research, innovation and engineering.

It has more than 1,000 members across Italy and manages the Compasso d'Oro Award.

The oldest prize in Europe in the field of design has been won by the Fiat 500 in 1959, the new Fiat 500 in 2011, the Fiat Panda in 1981 and 2004, the Fiat Punto in 1994, Ferrari in 2001 and the Alfa Romeo Brera in 2004.

The ADI Design Index also includes the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale and Alfa Romeo Giulietta. The ADI is a founding member of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design, the Bureau of European Design Associations, and the Icograda International Council of Graphic Design Associations.

Genoa, October 2013