• 09-NOV-2014

FPT Industrial’s N67 Engine in the Spotlight at Landini’s 130-Hour Endurance Test



FPT Industrial’s N67 engine has successfully passed an endurance trial organised by Argo Tractors Industrial Group to celebrate the 130th birthday of Landini, a top-tier brand in the agricultural sector. The endurance test began at 05:00 hrs on 6 October 2014 and was concluded at 15:00 hrs on 11 October with the aim of demonstrating the reliability of the Landini 7-215. To test the tractor’s durability and further increase the complexity of the test, a demanding route was chosen through the woods of Garfagnana in Tuscany on a steep and muddy track. The Landini 7-215 was also overburdened in order to challenge the engine and transmission to the maximum.

During the 130-hour trial, which covered approximately 620 miles, 75 people took turns to drive the tractor, including test drivers, customers and journalists, each with their own driving style and abilities. Some had never driven a tractor previously and one of the biggest challenges for the vehicle was its ability to cope with inexperienced drivers making mistakes, such as stalling the engine during a difficult start, or demanding gear changes on the track’s significant gradients. However, the mechanics and the electrics all proved to excel in these challenging situations.

The N67 is a 6.7-litre, six-cylinder in-line engine that features four valves per cylinder, latest generation electronically-controlled Common Rail injection technology and turbocharger with a waste gate and intercooler. The N67 ENT 151 engine that powers the Landini 7-215 enables it to reach an output of 212 hp at 1,900 rpm, with a torque of 810 Nm at 1,400 rpm, while FPT Industrial’s patented HI-eSCR technology ensures that it complies with Tier 4A/Stage IIIB emission regulations.

Cost management and its diverse applications are the main features of the N67 engine, which guarantees low fuel consumption, emissions and vibrations, as well as low maintenance costs.

​Turin, November 2014