• 07-MAR-2018

HI-eSCR2, FPT Industrial's Second Generation ATS Solution for Stage V Emission Levels


Once again FPT Industrial is a step ahead: at Middle East Electricity, FPT Industrial is the first engine manufacturer to disclose in a world preview its Power Generation Stage V engine line-up. On show is the new N67 200 kVA Stage V installed on a genset frame. This genset frame has the same dimensions as a current Unregulated/Stage IIIA model. FPT Industrial has been working on finding an effective solution to meet the requirements of the new emission regulations without impacting the genset's layout. This resulted in HI-eSCR2, FPT Industrial's innovative after-treatment patented solution: this system is already successfully in use in other applications, and now FPT Industrial presents a concept installation designed specifically for the Power Generation segment.

FPT Industrial's Stage V solution provides best-in-class uptime, and simply requires very easy installation: the after-treatment pack is a preassembled solution which enables lean application. Moreover, being EGR-free it does not need additional cooling nor maintenance when compared to the Brand’s current Unregulated/Stage IIIA products. Furthermore, it is extremely flexible since it can be installed both horizontally and vertically, front and top engine mounted. This EGR-free system permits the use of a simple Waste Gate turbocharger and also positively affects the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), since it provides both high fuel efficiency and low fuel consumption. The HI-eSCR2 not only functions as an emission device, but also as a silencer that further reduces noise when compared to current Stage IIIA FPT Industrial products. As for the emissions, the Stage V legislation, which will become mandatory in 2019, will require a NOx reduction of 90% and a PM decrease of 93%, enhanced by the introduction of a Particulate Number limit. This technology will assure these reductions. Its reliability is proven by more than 25 years of experience in SCR solution development and over one million units sold. Furthermore, FPT Industrial's Stage V solution is switchable: it can be used in compliance with both Tier 4 Final emission regulations and Stage V.

Over the past three decades, FPT Industrial has been developing an innovative solution that combines impressive performance and emissions’ regulation compliance. The result is HI-eSCR2, the Brand’s patented after-treatment solution which is used for all engines over 56 kW in order to fully meet the requirements of Stage V legislation. Stage V will become mandatory in 2019. HI-eSCR2 technology not only allows compliance with Stage V, but also presents many advantages and features for end-users. A primary benefit is that HI-eSCR2 integrates a Particulate Filter system on a SCR module, which does not require any additional Genset frame redesign vs. current Stage IIIA products. The HI-eSCR2 occupies the same space as the previous after-treatment solution used for Stage IIIA. Moreover, the HI-eSCR2 also represents an important advantage in terms of TCO: this after-treatment system is “for life”, which means that there are no maintenance costs over the lifecycle.

Leveraging its extensive experience in this field, FPT Industrial is able to present this ground breaking technology confirming its position as an industry leader. FPT Industrial started developing SCR technology at the end of the 90’s and the first SCR application patent was filed in 2004. Then, in 2005 FPT Industrial began to use particulate filtration technology for On-Road applications (Euro IV), selling more than one million SCR and two million DPF on LCVs. FPT Industrial was also at the forefront of the Off-Road market, where SCR was applied in 2011, whilst in 2013 FPT Industrial was the first to achieve an SCR efficiency higher than 95% in the On-Road segment, avoiding EGR. FPT Industrial is now ideally positioned to unveil its solution for Power Generation applications.


On the FPT Industrial stand in Dubai, visitors can also experience Power Generation in a new way. FPT Industrial Augmented Reality is designed to allow everyone access to the FPT Industrial Stage V solution and all its features. The Augmented Reality enables customers to carry out a real time check of the feasibility of installing the FPT Industrial solution in their canopy and it also shows the possible positioning of the ATS, which consequently proves its easy installation. In order to do so, FPT Industrial Augmented Reality adds 2D or 3D elements to the live view from the device’s camera. The Augmented Reality requires an iOS device with an A9 (or later) processor. It combines many technologies, such as device motion tracking, camera scene capture and advance scene processing. Visitors can use this device in the same way as they would video games or when deciding upon possible home furniture layouts.

Turin, March 7, 2018