• 30-OCT-2017

Specifically designed for heavy duty missions, FPT Industrial unveils New Cursor 13 Natural Gas Engine: 100% Natural


The most powerful 100% Natural Gas engine available on the market today: with 460 hp max power, it is FPT Industrial's flagship Natural Gas engine, capable of long-haulage commercial missions with maximum reliability

It can run 100% Natural Gas either CNG, LNG (methane number 70 & over) or bio-methane making it flexible and easy to use for end-users

Fuel and cost efficient: extended service intervals and up to 40% fuel costs reduction vs Diesel

Light and compact solution: it is EGR, SCR and DPF free, maximizing vehicle payload and on-board space with no compromise on uptime (no ATS regeneration needed)

Environmentally sustainable quieter than Diesel with lower CO2 (close to zero with bio-methane),-60% NOx and -98% PM vs Euro VI limits

100% Natural Gas: FPT Industrial has unveiled its newest and most powerful NG engine. The Cursor 13 Natural Gas has been presented today at the FPT Tech Day 2017 event held in Turin. It is the most powerful 100% Natural Gas engine available on the On-road segment market today, and is the first purely NG engine on the market specially developed for long-haul missions. The Cursor 13 NG allows FPT Industrial to broaden and strengthen its position as leader in the Natural Gas segment. 

Leveraging FPT Industrial's cutting-edge technologies and reliability, proven by more than 30,000 NG engines sold worldwide in the last 20 years, the Cursor 13 NG delivers power up to 460 hp @ 1,900 rpm and torque up to 2,000 Nm @ 1,100 rpm, thus offering up to 15% more power and 18% more torque than FPT Industrial’s 8.7 liter NG engine. Cursor 13 NG is a mono-fuel 100% Natural Gas and an easy-to-use solution for end-users, since it can run with CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) starting from “methane number” 70 and bio-methane. The bio-methane solution is capable of reducing CO₂ emission levels near zero.

The use of bio-methane has the added benefit of reducing dependency from fossil fuels, as it can be generated from agricultural and urban waste, sewage, or waste from the food industry. It can be produced locally, dramatically reducing the need for transporting energy and the related CO₂ emissions. In addition, its production process creates valuable by-products, such as bio- CO₂ for refrigerated units and bio-fertilizer for agriculture.

The new Cursor 13 NG engine, as well as other FPT Industrial NG engines, uses stoichiometric combustion to generate its power. Since 1995 this has been FPT Industrial’s chosen technology, proving to be a viable and cost-efficient solution available today to meet Euro VI Step C emission limits. Thanks to the stoichiometric combustion the Cursor 13 NG complies with this standard with a simple and easy-to-install 3 way catalyst with no-EGR, no-SCR and no-DPF (regeneration free solution). The new engine’s CO₂ emission level is significantly lower (-9%) compared to Diesel and can reach near zero by using bio-methane. At the same time, Cursor 13 NG allows a 98% PM reduction and NOX emissions which are 48% lower when compared to Euro VI compliant Diesel engines. Furthermore, Natural Gas engines decrease noise pollution with a smoother and quieter engine combustion cycle (Otto cycle, 12:1 compression ratio, which is far below the 17:1 ratio of the Diesel cycle), slashing vehicle noise pollution operation at less than 71 dB.

Sustainability for both environment and customers: the EGR free combustion, as well as the multipoint fuel injectors and fuel rails, grant class leading fuel consumption: fuel cost savings is up to 30%-40% (depending on the fuel cost) compared to the Cursor 460 hp Diesel powered engine. The new Cursor 13 NG engine achieves high reliability standards both on mechanical and thermal stress thanks to the Nickel-Resist cast-iron exhaust manifold, water cooled wastegate turbocharger and Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) cylinder head. 

FPT Industrial’s lean technology that avoids Diesel and the Ad-Blue adoption grants a lighter and more compact solution, allowing optimization of the truck payload and space availability. This feature gives the possibility to mount more capacious fuel tanks on the vehicle, widening the mission range. Thus, the new Cursor 13 NG engine is the best alternative with low climate impact for long-haul operations, since it has been developed to meet high demands on performance and low operating costs without compromises on durability.

The FPT Industrial Cursor 13 NP engine is protected by two patents: the first, for which patent protection is in progress, is the FPT Industrial proprietary knock control that makes it possible to increase the performance, enables the widest fuel compatibility, and protects engine and 3-way catalyst from misfiring. The second one is FPT Industrial’s proprietary reactive air-flow control management system, a new stoichiometric ratio control logic that is applied during gearshifts. This ensures a continuous torque delivery when coupled with AMT gearshifting, which enables maximized performance and the fastest gearshift.  FPT Industrial has applied for patent registration for this system.

CURSOR 13 NATURAL GAS Euro VI Step C Specifications 

Architecture:6 Cylinders in line
Injection System:Multipoint Injection with Stoichiometric Combustion
Air Handling:Water cooled Wastegate Turbocharger  
Valves per cylinder (number): 4
Displacement (L):12.9 
Bore per stroke (mm): 135x150
Max Power hp (kW) @ rpm: 460 (338) @ 1,900
Max Torque (Nm @ rpm):2,000 @ 1,100
Service Intervals (Km); 90,000
Dimensions L / W / H (mm):1,610 / 1,027 / 1,178
Dry Weight (kg):  1,240
ATS: 3-way catalyst (no-EGR, no-DPF, no-SCR)

Turin, October 30, 2017