• 09-MAY-2014

Heuliez Bus wins a major tender from the Paris public transport operator RATP thanks to its leadership in hybrid technologies.



The Paris, France, transport operator, RATP (Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens) recently launched a major European multi-year tender (2014-2017) for a contract for some 1,000 standard 12-metre hybrid and gas citybuses. 

RATP, the Parisian public transport operator, has just awarded a supply contract for hybrid electric buses to Heuliez Bus, a French premium citybus specialist brand and hybrid bus pioneer, part of CNH Industrial.

Heuliez Bus, for the very first time in its history, has won a major tender from RATP with its GX 337 HYB model.  This rewards the efforts of the Company, which has pioneered the development of the hybrid bus market in France and continental Europe.

These buses will be equipped with the “Arrive & Go” function which allows arrivals and departures in 100 % electric mode at and from bus stops.  Thus the gains of consumption will be improved by 5 %.  An innovative equipement which represents a major evolution: the hybrid bus is on the way towards electric vehicle.

With the removal of the gearbox, acceleration has become constant and smooth ; a real improvement in passenger and driver comfort.  The reduction of the noise level is much appreciated by the passengers as well as the local residents.  So many performances which make these environmentally friendly vehicles capable of meeting the expectations of urban networks needs for the future.

Heuliez Bus already have a real know-how leaning on qualified personnels for the construction of hybrid vehicles and a workshop of more than 1 000 m2 dedicated to the realization of the specific electric operations.

To date, Heuliez Bus has delivered more than 165 hybrid buses (among them, 16 articulated buses at RATP), which have covered over nine million kilometres including the largest hybrid fleet on the European continent operated in Dijon, with 102 standard 12m GX 327 HYB and articulated 18m GX 427 HYB buses. Other reference customers include Bordeaux, France, Reunion Island and Barcelona, Spain.

9 May 2014