• 25-SEP-2015

GX 137 & GX 137 L Euro VI diesel midibuses



Being 2.33 m wide and thanks to an outer turning radius of 8.170 m and 9.690 m, the GX 137 and GX 137 L midibuses offer an exemplary drivability and are a perfect range complement for small city centers and lines with weaker traffic.

The 2 versions, either 9.5 m or 10.7 m long, are powered by a 6-cylinder diesel engine, mounted longitudinally at the rear. The FPT Tector 7 engine (250 HP) is connected to a ZF Ecolife 6 or VOITH D854.6 gearbox and with a ZF AV 132-87° double reduction rear axle.  A 286 HP engine is also available in option. These vehicles are equipped with independent front wheels.

The GX 137 models have the same styling features in common with all GX range and can accommodate from 70 places to 90 places depending on the length and number of doors chosen.

Complying with European Standard 2001/85, thanks to their access ramp, wheelchair space and PRM seats and, they offer:

  • A perfect accessibility with a flat low floor and a 320 mm step height and with a 330 mm step height at center door.
  • A large platform facing the second door and an optional access ramp.
  • A third door is available in option.
  • The glazed roof LUMI'BUS® option added to the glazing below the side windows, provide an exceptional light inside.